Cleveland Classics – Spring Fashion Preview

Back in the fall, THP had a chance to take a look at the new Cleveland Golf apparel line called Classics, and we came away very impressed. They had a great fit, solid materials, and wonderful style. Truly fitting of the name “Classic”. We were not sure that they could raise the bar yet again, but while at the PGA Show in January, THP got a preview of the new Spring line and give a quick video to everybody outlining some of the pieces with Golfer Gal and Claudia Schwarz, from Cleveland Classics. During that preview, it became apparent to this reviewer, that this is a brand to look out for, because it was clear that they outdid themselves yet again.

The Look, Cut, & Style
Describing the overall look and style of a line is not really fair in many cases, but the words THP used back in our fall preview seem to fit the best. Classic and Elegant are two things that immediately pop into your head when you put the clothing on, but it does not stop there. Cleveland Classics has managed to take both of those things and add an incredible modern flare that you just do not see together. The best way to describe it could possibly be “A blast from the past, with a modern twist”. Seeing houndstooth mixed with a light plaid shows this off better than anything and works so well together, as you can see in the pictures.

When it comes to the “cut”, THP gets this question quite a bit, “How does the sizing run?”. The answer to that is once again, “Classic”. The apparel runs true to sizing for US sizes in our minds and if we had to make a guess, we would say runs slightly big, rather than slightly small. Having true sizing makes ordering online for apparel much easier if you cannot find it in your local store and we will give out the THP seal of approval of the cut and the sizing.

Shorts & Pants
Cleveland sent over quite a few pieces to preview for everybody and I will admit that for the first time in all of my apparel reviews at THP, I contacted them for more. That is a true testament to the apparel that we are covering here and most notably the shorts. They are now at the top of the list of my favorite golf shorts that I have tried out/reviewed/own. The classic houndstooth pattern is fabulous and adding to that, you have the blue stripes going through it to really make them stand out, but still remain true to the Classics name. The Cabana shorts are a blend of polyester and rayon and are truly one of the softest pairs of apparel I have ever worn on the golf course. It is not all fashion over function either, they do still have that great lower leg pocket that we have come to love from the last line. If I have ever seen a piece of golf apparel that deserves the name Classic, this would be it.

Along with the Cabana shorts, Cleveland Classics sent over two pairs of the Swing Pants for preview and they come back right where we remember the Classics pants from the fall line…Elegant! Both the pewter and the sand colors stand out, but are remarkable in that they do an incredible job at being able to be versatile. They can truly be a pant that can be worn with numerous tops and that is something very important to this reviewer. The pants are a combination of polyester and rayon and feature a thin “striped” pattern that is perfectly stylish and subtle all at once. The entire “bottoms” selection they sent over, begs only one question…”When can we see more”?

The Classics line has quite a few tops coming out in this line and we will go through quite a few of them that were sent over. Starting with one that is truly a favorite and perfectly paired to the Cabana shorts from above to create possibly my favorite golf outfit I have ever put on. The Boss navy shirt is 95% Polyester, recycled Polyester blend/ 5% Spandex space yarn dye. The shirt is so lightweight it almost feels like silk, and is the perfect compliment to the bottoms profiled above. However, one of the reasons that I simply love the top is that it is so versatile and can be worn with so many different things. I rarely say anything like this, but this outfit here not only fits the name Classics, but could in fact be my new “go to” outfit on the golf course. The best part of the Boss shirt, outside of what was just said, is that it came twice. The shirt also came in a peach color that is also extremely versatile and can be worn with so many bottoms. In our photos, it is paired with the sand pants and shows how well the two work together.

The Headliner shirt in vivid blue was one that jumped out at us upon receipt for both its great color and use of a subtle pattern and texture to create something special. We have it paired with the pewter pants and it looks great, but in reality, this shirt will go with just about anything you throw at it. Khaki, black, white, etc…They call it a solid windowpane jacquard and it is made out of 100% recycled polyester.

The Front Row shirt in navy is a striped shirt that features the CG Dry material. The shirt is a dark blue and features a 3 stripe pattern of peach, lavender, and red that normally one would think would not work well, however in this case the stripes really make the shirt stand out and at the same time make it far more versatile.

The Viva is a unique golf shirt that features a wonderful jacquard pattern done in navy, white, and lavender. This shirt simply shines in the spring sun like few can and also features the CG Dry material to ensure moisture wicking.

Outerwear & Accessories
It would not be fashion without the extra pieces that are needed to get you through any season. Cleveland Classics has a full line and their outerwear and hats really can make an outfit come together nicely. The Backstage is a 100% cotton full zip vest that is absolutely perfect for those days in early spring when the air is still a bit cool and you want a little something extra for warmth. There is one thing we did not like about this one and that is that it did not have pockets. We have just come to expect them in all things outerwear. But the look is so good, that you won’t miss them at all.

The Groove pullover in ocean blue is something special for those days when the temperature drops at sunset or you are playing before the sun is completely up. At first glance you will believe it is a traditional pullover, but when you put it on, you realize just how comfortable it is. The outside of the jacket is completely tech material, but the inside is as soft as a velvet robe. This entire jacket is waterproof, but it is also quiet, and that is something I have been searching for, for quite some time. The Groove pullover has a half zip top and the bottom can be “cinched” with the push of a button. This is one piece that should be on any short list for outerwear.

Cleveland Classics sent over 2 hats to go with the outfits and the first one is the Driver Cap in gray. The hat features a herringbone pattern and has a Cleveland Classics Shield medallion on one side that really adds something unique. If that were a magnet to use as a ball marker, I would have fallen out of my chair. The inside has a soft and smooth liner that really helps the hat be light weight and comfortable. If this does not scream “classic and elegant” few things will.

The second hat that is another classic and that is the straw hat that at first glance, I was not a fan of at all. However once you put it with the outfits, it adds something simple and unique and really brings the entire ensemble together like few things can. The hat features a ribbon around the bottom in navy that adds the Classics logo/crest for a nice touch.

What we thought was an incredible launch in 2009 has turned into an even better beginning to 2010. No sophomore slump here, as Cleveland Classics has added something unique to the golf world with this new spring line. It is an incredible feat to have a line where there is something for every golfer and Cleveland Classics has pulled that off better than most. Sometimes a line comes out that is truly timeless and deserves the label as a “Classic” and this one from Cleveland has done just that. For more information on the brand as well as the items that are featured in this preview, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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