Cleveland Golf RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges

What a release season it has been for Cleveland Golf! In recent weeks, the company has launched a range of new products, including a new driver, metalwoods, two iron sets, a series of putters, and their CBX 4 wedges. Guess what, friends? The fun doesn’t stop there, as today Cleveland Golf is releasing their new RTX Full Face 2 lineup alongside their new Smart Sole Full-Face wedges, which gives Cleveland one of the deepest wedge lineups in golf. 

RTX Full-Face 2

For several years, Cleveland has incorporated wedges with full-face grooves or high-toe style in their CBX and RTX lines. The RTX Full-Face 2 has been specifically crafted to complement the RTX 6, making it an ideal addition for individuals who currently use an RTX6. With the addition of the high-toe profile and full-face grooves, the club provides a 34% larger contact area than the RTX 6 without altogether abandoning its shape. Doing so affords golfers the ability to create their ultimate wedge setup. 

RTX Full-Face 2

“Skilled players wanting that extra element of control with their greenside play will reap the benefits of the RTX Full-Face 2,” said Casey Shultz, Senior Product Manager at Cleveland Golf. “We’ve added HydraZip face technology to maximize performance in wet or dry conditions, which works alongside ZipCore technology for even more forgiveness and consistency when you want to take on those riskier shots.”

Cleveland’s RTX Full-Face 2 wedge covers the entire gambit of their wedge technology. One of its key components is the proprietary low-density core called ZipCore, located from the hosel into the heel of the wedges. This core is designed to save weight, improve feel, and optimize the center of gravity position. Compared to any other Cleveland wedge, the RTX Full-Face 2 has more ZipCore packed inside, which results in up to 13% more MOI than the previous generation.

RTX Full-Face 2 Hosel design

Cleveland has designed a wedge perfect for players who want to showcase their skills around the green. The Full-Face 2 wedges feature Ultzip grooves that are sharper, deeper, and tighter, ensuring consistent spin. Additionally, the face has been treated with HydraZip technology, which includes dynamic face blasts and laser milling. This technology helps maintain spin regardless of whether you play in dry or wet conditions. I have personally tested the RTX 6 wedges and can confirm that it works. During my testing, I noticed a significant reduction in spin when using a wedge without HydraZip versus one equipped with it. When looking closer at launch monitor numbers during that testing, the launch angle was consistently higher on the wedge without HydraZip which leads to more inconsistent distances. 

RTX Full-Face 2 may have fewer bounce options than the RTX 6, but each grind has been carefully designed to provide optimal performance. For the lower lofts (50°, 52°), an S-shaped grind with 8° of bounce works well for clubs more likely to face 3/4 and full swings during a round. This S-shape grind remains in play for the sand wedge lofts (54°, 56°), with an additional 2° of bounce. As we move up into the higher lofts (58°, 60°, 64°), Cleveland changes to a C-shape grind and 8° of bounce. More heel and toe relief allows players to open up the face more for those specialty shots.

RTX Full-Face 2 Grooves

Casey Shulz pointed out that full-face, high-toe wedges are particularly good for taking riskier shots. If you’ve never played with a wedge designed this way, imagine when you need to open the clubface in the sand or deep rough. Where does contact usually happen? Typically, contact with the ball occurs towards the toe and higher up on the clubface. With more grooves and mass in that area, the sweet spot shifts towards that location. This means that instead of hitting a ball that lacks speed and control, you can successfully execute a shot with plenty of power and spin. RTX Full-Face 2 wedges are here to help tap into one’s creativity. 

Cleveland has launched the RTX Full-Face 2 with two color options, Tour Satin and Tour Rack (Raw), just like they did in the summer of 2021 with the original version. Golfers can customize their wedge by choosing the Tour Rack version, which provides a tour-like experience. This option offers more than just stamping and paint fill, as it allows for extra grinding on the sole and modifications to the sharpness of the leading edge. If you prefer a darker finish, it’s worth noting that the black satin finish was released about six months down the road last time. It remains to be seen if that will be the case here.

Cleveland’s RTX Full-Face 2 wedges are now available for purchase in seven lofts ranging from 50° to 64°, all of which are for both right and left-handed golfers, with the exceptions of the 50° and 52° lofts. As mentioned above, these are the perfect complement to the current RTX 6 wedges, therefore they are paired with the same True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts. The RTX Full-Face wedges are priced at $179.99 for the Tour Satin and $199.99 for the Tour Rack.

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