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A few weeks ago The Hackers Paradise had a week long special called Putter Week. It was to educate our readers on some brands that they may not have known too much about or tell a little more about some of the companies we have grown fond of over the last year. During that week we had articles each day about different putter companies filled with interviews, pictures, and unique designs. Despite the fact that Putter Week has wrapped up, THP wanted to continue to bring stories and reviews on some of the best putter companies out there that you may not have heard of. That is where Deschamps Putters comes in.

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Deschamps Info:
Serge Deschamps makes every putter, from start to finish, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Each putter is 100% milled from billet to your specifications. This includes your preferred head-weight, dexterity, length, lie, loft, stampings, alignment lines, paint-fill, finish options, grip and even custom engravings. These putters are made to order. As such quality, customer service and innovative designs are the focus, not mass production. Deschamps is only as good as their reputation, and will strive very hard to ensure that their putters meet or exceed your expectations.
Specs & Options:
We asked Deschamps to create something for us and he went over and above our expectations and sent THP one of his handcrafted blades for us to test out.
• Classic minimalist design for simple alignment & excellent distance control
• Made from brass for a very soft yet solid feel
• The low loft design along with higher then normal center of gravity results in a tight roll
• Energy is transferred forward, not upwards
• For the player looking for a traditional shape and the ultimate in feel

Blade Specific Options
• Center shaft/face balanced and heel shaft in 4:30 and 5:45 hangs
• Head Weight: 335, 340, 345, 350, 355, 360, 365, 370 & 375 grams.

Custom Options
• Dexterity: Both models available in right & left hand
• Length: Anywhere from 31 to 50 inches in half-inch increments
• Lie: Anywhere from 67 to 79 degrees in one-degree increments
• Loft: Either 1(For very fast greens) or 2(Good all around) degrees
• Alignment: Different alignments of line(s), dot(s), or stamps can be used
• Stamps: Letter and Number in 2mm (5/64”), 3mm (1/8”) & 5mm (3/16”)
• Paint-fill: Any number of colours in both metallic & non-metallic
• Grip: Grips are available from Ping, Golf-Pride, Lamkin and Winn available at no up-charge
• Engravings: Can be done in cavity of MOI and flat on sole of Blade

First Impressions:
When the package arrived we quickly opened it up not knowing what to expect. What we found was something that can only be described as “Simple Elegance”. The classic finish gave it a worldly like appearance and the minimalist design really caught our attention. The model we received is the blade putter that Deschamps carries and we quickly noticed the two stamps on the face. First is the SD for the master craftsman that created this one of a kind “sculpture”, and the 2nd is the THP near the toe showcasing our unique brand. It came with a black Ping grip and a great dark green magnetic headcover that features the letters S D and a maple leaf. As a fan of center shafted putters, this one really caught my eye from the first time I looked at it. We were excited to give it a try on the course.
Course Testing:
For the next few weeks myself and three other golfers tested the THP Deschamps Blade Putter on course and came away pretty impressed. I want to touch a little on the feel that this putter has. For those that seem like they are on a never ending quest to find the ultimate in feel with their putter, Deschamps should definitely be on their list. The word “butter” is used a lot when equipment people talk about soft feel and this would be the perfect time to use that line. The putter feels as soft as butter when the ball is truck. Being that brass is a soft metal, we did have to put a little more of a stroke on it, but once we got that dialed in, most of us absolutely loved the feel. Being that I very much like center shafted putters, the single line alignment fit perfectly. Keep in mind that the blade putter by Deschamps is available in heel shafted as well.

Each one of us used this putter on our home course 3 times and it seemed as though after each round we all grew more attached to the feel of it. Our friend Matt (a local teaching professional) had this to say “The feel is incredibly soft and it took me about 10 putts to get it dialed in, but once I did, it was perfect. It has the feel of a soft insert, without the insert. You still get that great milled look and feel with a sense of softness that I have not had before.” Only one of our testers preferred his own putter to the Deschamps and that player uses an Odyssey Sabertooth. My feelings are that if you are used to playing with a odd shaped mallet this may not work for you. However Deschamps does offer a MOI Mallet that he is currently re-working that will fix that problem as well.
Final Thoughts:
When THP held its first Putter Week last month, we got an education in some companies that myself, and the rest of the readers were glad they learned more about. Deschamps Putters is definitely another company we feel honored to have learned about. We always talk about certain things in our reviews that stand out when it comes to finding a good putter. Look, Feel, Sound, Price Tag, and a few more make up the reasons we consider buying the clubs we do. Another reason that comes up frequently is customer service. This company goes above and beyond what they need to during your purchasing, and help every step of the way. You feel like part of the company, or in this case part of the “family” throughout the process of having Serge Deschamps himself work with you, and educate you, to find the perfect putter for your game. This unique blade putter that they sent over works as good as it looks and should be on the list for anybody looking at custom putters.

The Blade Putter has a price of $220 Canadian or about $199 US. (dollar conversion as of 9/1/09)
More information on this company can be found on their website at Deschamps Putters.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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