Everything You Want To Know About the Cleveland 588 Wedge

ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with Scott from Cleveland Golf about the re-release of one of the most popular clubs ever created.

This Episode Features:
The process of bringing back the 588 wedge
What changes have been made to the original
The custom options that will be available (incredible)
And much much more.

To see a video unboxing of this wedge click here.

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes to play at a later date.

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  • Probably my favorite radio show thus far, I’ve been a 588 ho over the years. Cant get over that it was 20 years into its lifecycle, before it was phased out. I’m interested to see the skin process on the BP finish, but its hard to imagine over the radio. Love hearing about the upcoming TC shaft that comes standard. All for 139 for stock, sounds like a deal to me.

    FYI – MyCustomWedge.com is not up and running yet (I checked)

  • As if the news of the 588 wedge was not enough, the custom skin options has just pushed this over the top! I had to chuckle when the wow factor was brought up – that was funny. And then of course, GG making sure these were hers in argyle…watch out JB!

    In all seriousness though; great informative show and looking forward to mid November when the site is available. Thanks to THP and Cleveland Golf for another great show!

  • Great show, one of the best to date. Amazing to think of this head shape matched with the new tour zip groove system and spinner type shaft, but add all of that to the skins options and other personalizations just blows me away. Very cool.

    Thanks Cleveland Golf, THP and Scott for taking the time to tell us about it!

  • Really interested to see this hosel design in person. Another great show with another great guest. Well done! Skins are going to be interesting to see. Glad to hear there is a black pearl finish and RTG finish options. When can I place my order?

  • Custom grinds, logos, paintfill, skins, finishes, etc. Holy Crap. That is really just taking it to the next level. I love the talk about the new shaft as well. This is very exciting and I can’t wait to hear how they perform!

  • good show. Really interested in these wedges but since i’m in love with my current CG15s I can’t switch I’m just now getting the feel for all of them. But i’ll keep my eye on these.

    Thanks for the show THP and cleveland golf!

  • awesome show guys! I love that there are custom grinds, logos, available. much like customization of putters, wedges are getting the same love!

  • LOL, Scott says “the wow factor” and JB doesn’t miss a beat saying “that’s me” that was great. As always a great show. Custom skins, grinds, paint fills and on and on, Cleveland is really bringing it.

  • If this show was a wedge shot, you guys holed it. (rim shot!) I think we need more GG interjection and jokes in future episodes – the argyle thing got a good chuckle outta me. Wonderful info and great pace.

  • Oh dear, I was excited before but now that I know black pearl is an option its just a matter of time. Welcome back 588, now get in my bag.

  • Excellent show Team THP! Scott was a great guest and full of great knowledge. I love the customizations that will be available when the new website is launched. It’s awesome how you’ll be able to make your wedge exactly as you want it. Well done Cleveland! It’s really hard not to like what they’re doing right now. I’d be very interested to see how the new shaft compares to the DG Spinner. All in all, a great show jam-packed with great info!

  • Great show, Cleveland definitely has a winner on their hands with this!

  • Loved the show! I am looking forward to trying these out with the spinner type shaft! And all the customs options make this wedge a must see and try.

  • Great show guys, learned somethings I never knew. 8m plus sold and 1/3 were 588, that is crazy. Will definately be checking out the customization page

  • Glad to have GG back on the show. Thanks to Scott for participating in this episode.

    It’s so cool Cleveland brought this club back. Hearing about the whole process of bringing it back was pretty cool. It’s neat to hear all the thought that went into it.

  • Nice show. Excited to hear that this is forged. The 588 was the first wedge I ever bought. I am remembering it being on the heavy side, which I loved. Can’t wait to get my hands on this when it comes out.

  • Absolutely fantastic show. Thank you Scott and good to have you back GG.
    I am so pumped and can’t wait to get my hands on the 588s again. Glad I did not make a wedge purchase this year!

  • What a great show! I cannot wait for the custom website to come out. The Black Pearl 588 will be sitting in my bag for sure!

  • Amazing what 1 single club can do for a company. My first “real” irons were from Cleveland back when they were knocking off other clubs. Can’t wait to take a swing with the new 588’s. My how times have changed.

  • Listened to the show yesterday and now want these wedges even more after listening. Argyle 588 wedges with custom paintfill will be in my bag as soon as they let me order them. Thanks for an amazing show THP.

  • I just listened to the show and it has definitely peaked my interest in this “new” wedge. I am in the market for new wedges and I will be waiting to try these out.

    I am really looking forward to the custom site as well.

    Great show and thanks to Cleveland Golf and THP!

  • Fantastic show all. I’m glad Cleveland is giving everyone what they want with an updated 588, but having the custom wedge site just elevates the whole package. I have a hard time seeing how any other wedge out there is going to stand up to this release.

  • Awesome show! I am in serious ponder mode for some 588’s now and can’t wait to see some of the custom options. Being able to get a wedge with custom colors and patterns sounds really cool and I will probably order some when the site launches. Great job THP and Cleveland!

  • Will the new 588(s) be available with 57 degrees and the same bounce that were made before?

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