FootJoy DryJoys Tour Shoe Review

FootJoy is a name that is synonymous with the words golf shoes for quite a few people out there. The name and logo are both instantly recognizable to most people that spend any time on the golf course. Aside from gloves, I’ve never owned a FootJoy product. In preparation for this review, I did a little research and learned that FootJoy has been around since 1857, was the footwear of choice for the 1927 Ryder Cup team, and won its first PGA Tour shoe count in 1945. Those are some pretty cool stats! I don’t know about you, but when I think FootJoy, I think classic style. One of their new products, the DryJoys Tour shoes, definitely fit that description. However, along with classic style, the DryJoys Tour are packed with technology to make them comfortable, waterproof, and stable. I had the chance to test these shoes for the THP readers and below you can find out what I thought about them. If you are shopping for golf shoes, or just an enthusiast like me, please read on!

Information on the DryJoys Tour from FootJoy

  • ECL™ Leather System by Pittards® – ECL™ or “Extreme Comfort Leather” is a proprietary waterproofing system developed with Pittards® of England. It is a membrane-free leather with a 2-year waterproof warranty. ECL Advanced Waterproof Leather is 30% softer than previous generation FootJoy performance leather.
  • 2-Year Waterproof Warranty – FootJoy warrants that this golf shoe will be waterproof in normal use for two years (U.S. Warranty).
  • Full Leather Linings – Leather linings provide superior comfort, slip resistance, and in-shoe breathability.
  • Comfort Plus PU Fit-Bed® – The Comfort Plus PU (poly urethane) Fit-Beds provide super cushioned underfoot comfort.
  • Laser Plus Last – Full rounded toe character, standard fit across forefoot and instep, with a slightly narrow heel. The Laser Last is a composite of thousands of digital scans of the FootJoy Laser Fitting System.
  • Fiberglass Composite Support Bridge – Strategically positioned to provide tremendous mid-foot stability.
  • Cyclone™ Cleats by Softspikes® (black/gold) – The Cyclone golf spike offers superior traction throughout the entire golf swing. This golf spike also provides stability and support from the moment you step foot on the course. Unlike traditional spikes, its spring-flex traction makes the Cyclone extra friendly to the greens.
  • TPU intergrated EVA Midsole – This TPU intergrated EVA midsole provides lightweight underfoot cushioning. EVA will not allow a foot impression to set in, which translates to increased stability throughout the golf swing.
  • Maximum OptiFlex™ technology – OptiFlex is softest density TPU (thermal plastic urethane) used in tri-density TPU outsoles. The DryJoys Stability PODS outsole features Optiflex technology throughout all non-PODS areas, creating one of the most flexible outsoles ever developed.
  • Tri-Density TPU Stability PODS™ Outsole The Stability PODS outsole now features 9 individual TPU Stability PODS surrounded by dramatically enhanced OptiFlex™ zones to ensure maximum ground contact.

How did they perform?
As you can see by the list I provided, there is a ton of technology packed into these shoes. In the end, I’m usually looking for just a few things out of a golf shoe: I want style, comfort, dry feet, and stability on the course. Let’s start by looking at the looks of the DryJoys Tour.

The DryJoys Tour shoes that THP received for testing came in the White/Slate Croc print color scheme. They are a unique twist on the classic saddle style with a crocodile skin pattern that wraps around the heel area. These shoes just ooze class to me. They are a perfect complement to many outfits, whether you choose to wear shorts or pants. I took a look at FootJoy’s website and noticed about eight different patterns to choose from, so if these aren’t exactly your style, there may still be something out there for you. I have a growing collection of golf shoes and when it comes to looks, I have to say that these are quickly becoming my favorite. They are just a sharp, classy looking shoe. Kudos to FootJoy!

There are not many things more important to a golfer than a shoe that fits well and is comfortable. Comfort is such a personal thing when it comes to footwear. First off, let me say that buying shoes is best done after trying them on. I can talk all day about the comfort of a shoe, but my foot isn’t your foot. After a thorough test, including the dreaded walking round, I was mostly satisfied with the way the DryJoys treated my feet. There wasn’t much in the way of ‘wearing them in’, so I was able to enjoy them right away. I felt no foot fatigue or pain in the heel, which is common after walking the hills of my home course. The only real negative that I found was that during a walking round I really felt a decent amount of rub on my pinky toes. It became pretty uncomfortable by the time the round was over. Please keep in mind that FootJoy has a fitting system and it is quite possible that I may have been testing a shoe that wasn’t the exact match for my foot. As I said earlier, nothing replaces a good shoe fitting and I recommend taking the time to get a shoe that is right for your foot. On a final note, I was pleasantly surprised by the softness and pliability of the leather. For some reason, classic style shoes always appear stiff to me. I’m happy to say this wasn’t the case with the DryJoys.

The first time I wore the DryJoys was a hot afternoon in Florida. Those of you that are familiar with Florida will understand what I’m talking about when I say that rain can happen at any time. Even though the sun was shining all around us, we ended up getting rained on around the 7th hole. Not just a little rain either. It was pouring enough that we took shelter in the golf cart. After it slowed down, we were left with a pretty soggy course to finish our round. Simply stated, my feet stayed dry in the DryJoys. That’s all I ask for and that’s all I can really say about it. Dry feet are a necessity as I play early on dewy grass all summer and I appreciate a shoe that makes sure I’m not worrying about a wet foot. Foot Joy backs up their claims with a 2 year warranty, which should be a comfort to those that purchase them.

Those people who’ve had the pleasure of playing golf with me will understand that I take some shots from odd positions. I can end up just about anywhere on the course and really need a shoe to give me a stable platform to work from. I found the cleats on the DryJoys provided sufficient grip when I needed it without being overly aggressive. Also, the construction of the shoe itself gave me enough stability to feel safe taking some pretty awkward shots, whether they were off of pine straw, a steep incline, or the rare fairway shot.

In Summary
In many ways, this shoe was a surprise for me. Since I started golfing, I’ve always gravitated towards the ‘sportier’ looking golf shoes and didn’t see how classic looking shoes could perform as well or be as comfortable as them. Once again, I’ve learned that perception is nowhere close to reality when it comes to golf equipment. The DryJoys Tour are a solid shoe that I look forward to wearing. The looks alone are spectacular. For a riding round, they are more than comfortable enough to keep me happy. While I didn’t love them after walking a long 18 holes, I truly feel that a bit wider pair would have been perfect for me. Again, I was really amazed at just how well a shoe that looked so elegant could perform so well when it came to grip and water resistance. For more information on the DryJoys Tour, please visit FootJoy’s website at Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of luck out on the course this year.

Ryan H.

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