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The 2019 Small Batch Experience with Project X


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  • The 2019 Small Batch Experience with Project X

    The Ultimate Shaft Event is back in 2019 and this year is going to be incredibly special.

    THP Events are held throughout the year and are incredibly unique ways to share a round or weekend with THPers and are filled with equipment, prizes and more. Your ticket to enter these events is the 2019 Albatross Club membership which goes to help a wonderful charity and for more information on that, click here.

    Small Batch
    There will be some surprises
    The experience will begin about a month before the event where you will get a shaft sent to you from Project X. This is called your baseline shaft and your job will be to test it out and take some notes for a few weeks about what you like and what you would change.

    Once the event begins at Project X Headquarters, there would be a tour and then you will sit down with the experts and design your own shaft. Based on the current feedback as well as the performance notes from your baseline shaft, adjustments to flag sizes, material angles and more would be made. You will get to see torque, frequency, tip deflection change as your design gets adjusted. It might sound overwhelming, but trust me when I say with the team in place, this will be an unforgettable experience. You will be designing all of the properties of your shaft with a team of people with expertise to make it perfect.

    The next day would begin at Project X Headquarters again where you will hand roll your very own shaft. Then its off to graphics. Here you will work on design and color options for your completed project.

    This is open to 5 THPers
    The cost for the event is $349
    This includes:
    *Custom Shaft - You will create a 1 of 1 made specifically for you, by you.
    *Round of Golf at TBA
    *Greens Fees
    *Range Balls
    *Private Group dinner with PX and THPers
    *And More

    When & Where
    October 3rd & 4th (this is a Thursday & Friday)
    San Diego, CA
    Project X Headquarters

    Thursday AM - Arrive at Project X HQ for the day.
    Breakfast will be there.
    Get the tour and then shaft knowledge and creation begins.
    Thursday PM - Lunch at their office
    Thursday PM - Continue creating shaft.
    Thursday Evening - Private Group Dinner
    Friday AM - Project X HQ - Finish design process of your shaft
    Friday PM - Golf
    Friday PM - Drinks Post Round with participants

    How to Sign Up
    Signup details will be coming very soon.
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    Holy hell, that sounds incredible.
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      Love it! One of the more unique THP Events available
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        This is a great event/experience for those lucky enough to attend. Not only the education you get on shafts and how they are made, but creating a one off with personal graphics is awesome.
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          Yooooooooooo! [emoji102][emoji845]So glad to see this come back! Oh man!

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            This is going to be off the chain. Can't wait to see who will piss off Don Brown the most. I hope that I get the chance.
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              This sounds incredible. THP does it again.
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                I still think a 1 of 1 shaft is one of the coolest ideas to ever hit this community.

                Glad to see it continue!
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                  Hot dang let’s get the party started!!!! Good luck to everyone that enters because this is an event that you will not want to miss

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                    Consider me interested...

                    Looking forward to sign ups for this one.
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                      A custom shaft made specifically for you, along with graphics... so cool we get opportunities like this and to hang out and pick their brains on all things shafts. Great experience for those that get selected!
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                        Good to see this. Was such an awesome experience at THCE last year. I'm looking forward to seeing the designs.
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                          Such a cool event. The uniqueness of your own design makes this such a memorable experience
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                            Awesome! Glad to see this event popped up. One of one shaft is so cool. True Temper has been on fire lately.
                            REPRESENTING THP IN THE 2019 GRANDADDY!!!!!


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                              i am so pumped that this event is back albeit with a slightly modified name. i'm still gaming this driver shaft 3 years later, and driving is hands down the best part of my game.

                              everybody: SIGN UP!!!

                              Humbled, honored, and beaming with excitement to be the Captain (what, CAPTAIN???) of Team THP in the 2019 Grandaddy with


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