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  • dịch vụ làm kế toán thuế
    làm báo cáo tài chính chuyên nghiệp
    quyết toán thuế giá rẻ
    dịch vụ dọn dẹp sỏ sách
    Off to go do some side work, PM's go straight to my phone so if you reply about my FW in the FS section I will get back with ya through my phone. Thanks
    Off to bed, playing a new course in the morning and want to be fully rested! 4 straight days of golf ahead and I can not wait!
    Well after another day of work in this smoldering heat its time to lay down and watch some golf! 106* tomorrow and 104* Saturday, this is getting stupid lol. Nice cool down though on Sunday, high in the mid 80's!
    Off to do some yard work before these 105* temps hit! 95* tomorrow and 103-105 on Thursday and Friday! Brutal weather here in Indiana especially with the drought we are in!
    How do you like the Frogger brush? Would you recommend it compared to others?
    No, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing someone noticed.
    Finally have some time to be on THP tonight! Been crazy with work and life lately. Glad its slowing back down.
    Just wanted to say thanks to THP and Putterzone!

    Heading to work then out to the course to test the Heavy Wood, yeah buddy
    Had my tooth pulled today and it was way worse than they expected, I will be back to testing the Heavy 5 Wood by Sunday hopefully, lots of rest
    Going to the evil dentist at 1pm, woke up in some serious pain this morning, cant even eat! The dentist freaks me out more than anything, i would rather have surgery
    I couldnt fit this in my Sig since it makes it over 500ch, Thanks THP and Boccieri for letting me test the heavy FW, cant wait to get started
    Hey buddy, did you do anything special to let your new sig start working? He made me one as well, but it won't take just like yours did at first.
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