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  • From my family to yours, an early congratulations on your wedding day. Take lots of pictures and don't forget to soak it all in! Oh and welcome to the club.
    That's your woman you're talking about there. Better put your foot down this time. Did you guys decide what you're doing post outing?
    Hey man, just wanted to drop you a note, I'm not sure if you knew already.
    Calgary will be hosting a PGA of Alberta show at the Roundup Centre March 26/27 if you're interested.
    my 9iron will be the only club that I'd bring :) It'd be a whole lot cheaper to ship my clubs over hee hee I hit my best with my 9i :clapp: I'll be renewing my lessons with my instructor once my next 2 lessons are finished, for another 6 weeks! So far, I can hit about 100 yards with my 9i. I'm not sure about my other clubs hee hee
    I should be 9-Iron-Gal :) haa haa since that's the only club I've been able to use right now and the only club I use at my lessons :D
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