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  • I enjoyed our group today, thanks. Hoping more putts go in off the face than the back end...
    Smallie maybe, the team has changed so much I don't have a clue who's there any more.
    Lol, sorry dude, I saw the whole thing on my phone and completely missed your name, but edited it to include my good buddy Dawgdaddy... and you, lmao. Can't wait to get started, doing a testing with you guys is going to be fun but tough as I know you will be bringing it.
    Rain catchers work great when we're making it rain. You save money that way and they still dance.
    If he wasn't afraid of my dog, and he should be because he is smaller than the dog, and my dog is not real friendly, we could get it for free for sure at my house. I have been with DirecTv for 12 years, and rarely call to complain, but when I do, they always give me what I want within reason
    Chunky is Kenneth Donohue. He is in the South. We watch football together every week at his house, so this should make it a little more interesting.
    It was for sure a stiff shaft. And yes I do swing over 92 easily. I actually just went ahead and ordered it with the Aldila RIP.
    I just did most of the testing myself and noticed most the balls were a tad left which could show a bit of an indication of too high of torque. I honestly don't want the feel of the driver to change because it feels crazy good and I'll prob risk ruining the feel with a new shaft no?
    nona is always a treat, fast greens and tight fairways. And it is long, there is no let up from the first tee. If you get a chance to play, do it. Playing Bella on Friday, can't wait.
    Yean. That is Jon number 2. He loves that seemore. Putts really well with it. Every time I see him use it, I want to buy one for myself.
    Haha. Nice. I snuck out of work yesterday with White&Nerdy and we played. It was cool. Chipped in for birdie which was nice.

    Happy early father's day mang
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