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  • Hello: hope all is well..I have that TM 6 iron I won if you want to give it a swing..just lemme know..Phil
    Hey Golf Chick,

    We're thinking about going to the THP outing. Where are you flying out of and when are you headed out? Also, how do I go about reserving a spot??

    Happy new year and hope you had a great holiday!
    Happy Holidays to you too GC!

    ps: I didn't realize just how much rain you folks are getting...I was just watching the Weather Channel! You'll need golf balls that float.
    Thanks for the holiday greetings! The cheap flights to Vegas are on Allegiant Airlines ( They fly from Long Beach Airport to Vegas. It is often $20 from Oregon, but I just looked and they have a TON of flights in Jan to Vegas for $10. It is pretty sweet! One thing to know is they do try to nickel and dime you, $15 convenience fee to book online, and $20 for checked bags. But if you are looking for cheap flights they are the ones to check out (especially if you are just taking carry on).
    Hey, thanks! Now you just need to get an ogio bag, and we will almost match completely.
    Oh man too bad you didn't get to play that course, I played the George Fazio course and it was awesome. Gotta love the unlimited range balls too :)
    Where did you guys play at in Hawaii? I live in Honolulu, and its amazing out here... never played so much golf in my life either :-D
    That's awesome GC. Not everyone can be a Phil and hit a 9 iron 190 yds! I'm sure if you keep on it you'll be hitting every club in your bag super well before you know it!
    Everybody's gotta start somewhere, so if that 9 iron works for ya, I say let it work! The rest will come with time. You know now that I'll expect you to dazzle us all with your amazing 9 iron skills at the outing! Haha. :D
    I thought you might like the avatar...a very good photographer took the picture. :)
    Youve been hoffed!

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