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  • Hey, has your SL290 shown up yet? Would really like to hear what you think of it. I am trying to get one off the bay in Quebec, but I have been having no luck as of late. Hit the Cleveland Black and the Classic at GT in Winnipeg this weekend, and if the SL290 feels/sounds anything at all like those two, its gotta be one heck of a club.
    I noticed you were asking about skying the driver, It's usually do to improper weight transfer at impact which cause the driver to get under the ball. I had a problem with hanging back and I tended to sky most of my woods off the tee. After I learned to transfer my weight properly at impact, I stopped skying the driver.
    thanks for the shout out ratfink.you guys must be shaking the rust off now,do you still have that indoor golf facility.cheers
    Hey fink,

    how's Calgary doing with that awful weather? Is the snow off the ground yet?
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