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    Favorite woods/hybrid shafts for diggers?

    I was wondering what other shafts you diggers out there like to play in your woods and hybrids? My current favorite is the UST Proforce V2 shaft, which I have in a 5 wood and I absolutely love it. I'm in anticipation of a BiMatrix Prototype shaft that I'll be receiving shortly, and I'm looking...
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    WTB: LH wedge set

    Hi there, Lost my 54* CG15 wedge and am looking for set to replace it . I'm open to anything forged that conforms to the new groove rule. I have a 52* Taylormade TPxFTx and a 60* CG15 but would rather have a matching set so I will hear out whatever you have. Open to whatever loft combos you...
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    A player's hybrid?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows of a such thing as a 'players hybrid'? I currently have a Wilson Fybrid RS 21* in the bag. When since I started playing blade irons, I made a big swing change because I knew that they would be the ultimate judge of my swing. There's one problem; I can't...
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    I painted my driver and three wood! (Suprise!)

    MORE PICTURES ON PAGE 3!! This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time, but have never had the time. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with Bubba Watson (and yes, I am also left-handed). Why pink? I love pink, the lettering on all of my clubs is pink, and my grandmother had...
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    WTB: LH putter (have LH clubs to trade)

    Hi there, I'm interested in buying a new putter and would love to know if you have anything you'd like to get off your hands. I'd like a center shafted mallet, but am open to other things if you have anything. Please let me know what you have and for what price. I also have some Wilson DXi...
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    FS: Like new Lefty Wilson DXi 3W, 5W, 19* & 22* hybrids, stiff shaft

    Up for sale is Wilson's new DXi line of woods and hybrids, LEFTY, stiff shaft. These clubs all have the standard shafts, Aldila Voodoo S series. The hybrids have the hybrid SVS8s, and the woods have the SVS7s. The grips are Wilson's standard grips. These are priced to move at $39.95 each...
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    FS: Adam's Tour Staff Bag

    For sale is this really slick looking Adam's Tour Staff bag. It is used, but real lightly and doesn't show any wear. The sale includes a leather rain cover with a zipper. This is the 10.5"version. None of the stuff in the bag is included in the sale. I'm asking $149.95 and shipping. Thanks!
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    WTB: Taylormade rescue 2011 shaft + adapter

    Title says it all. Let me know if you have anything! This will be going on a 3h/18*
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    FS: Left-Handed Hybrid Palooza! New & Used!

    All have been spoken for.
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    Your 14 clubs

    Does anyone here have a few different setups that they use with their 14 clubs, depending on the course? I've been pondering using 2 different basic setups - a short course: Driver, 3 wood, 2 hybrid, 3 hybrid, 4-pw, 54*, 60*, putter and a long course: Driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 4-pw, 52*...
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    Titleist AP2s - help me verify authenticity!

    Hi there, i just bought a set of titleist AP2s off of the internet and was wondering if anyone could help me verify the authenticity of them. The serial numbers do match on each club! here are some pictures: I know it's hard to tell solely via photos, but could anyone provide some insight on...
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    R11 TP best shaft option?

    Alright, so I sold my R11 for another driver and don't like it, so I'm going to buy another R11. My question is this: what is the best shaft option for me? With the Fujikura Blur set with standard dimensions on the R11 10.5* I was averaging like 4500 rpms with a really high ball flight. The...
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    Your thoughts on iron sets?

    Alright, so I took the dive tonight and bought myself a set a used Mizuno MP-57's for $256. I got them because they're in excellent condition, and I feel like I got a really sweet deal. My question is this: do you think it's a bad idea for someone like me, a second year player, to buy a set of...
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    Distance problem with irons

    Alright so let me preface this by saying that on my driver I swing an R11 w/ an x-stiff shaft, but my irons are regular graphite shafts. They're Nike VR full cavity back irons, stock R graphite shafts. I can swing my driver clean and long - over 290 on average, with the best about 310-315. I...

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