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  • Hey man, I haven't seen you around in months! Especially with thanksgiving coming up, I miss your adventures with smoked meat!
    did you see the J40 DPC's for sale??? You should grab them. They are PX 5.5 in steel
    I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full. I have a tracking # if you want it.
    Great post in the spider thread bro! The process and stuff you showed was amazing. Good job!
    Lindy: absolutely none taken at all! i just posted them in response to your request! I liked the edge too - its roomy and has many of the features i liked in the explorer. def check it out!
    Hi CG.....Good thread on the cars...Good choice too....About asking about prices, I wasn't throwing a shot at you about being proper not to mention prices...that was meant only as a joke. Hope you didn't take it any other way....I have my eyes on an Explorer or an Edge...I'm a big body guy (aka fat) and a lot of cars aren't comfortable....I love the Edge but my last 3 vehicles have been SUVs.....If gas prices weren't going thru the roof, I'd opt for a Tahoe or a Yukon....Once again, sorry if you thought I took a shot at you...This isn't GolfWRX...we're friendly here....Take care.....Tim...
    Sweet! Yea it is Phoenix. I live in Upper Arlington, and phoenix is about 15 minutes from me. Its a nice open course - relatively quiet - not usually busy - and i can get out there - warmup on the range, great chipping area, and nice putting area. Their fall special was $25 a round, and now $20 in the winter.

    I really just liked being able to go out and play a practice round by myself, maybe hit 2-3 balls per hole, and not be rushed at all. I have played blacklick - probably the hardest finishing public course in columbus. 16, 17, 18 is tough. If you are in town next spring, summer and want to get out - hit me up - always glad to tee it up with a fellow THP'er!
    I didn't want to go off topic from the thread.

    I knew the course as soon as I saw the first video in your review. It's the Phoenix golf links in Grove City. A couple years ago, I played there with a buddy of mine who lives in Reynoldsburg and I went to a Buckeye game. The Buckeyes beat down Troy and I shot an 89. It is a great course with the Columbus skyline in the background. I really enjoyed it.

    We played Blacklick, the short course as well. It was a fun test of irons.

    Thanks for the review.
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