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  • How close are you to Waterloo IA?
    I was out their last Sunday & Monday had a couple meetings.
    Wish Buckeyes had a bowl shot this year so they could possibly have a chance at smashing ND. Looking forward to next year already!
    Did you know that I am THP member number 2320 and you are member number 2321? That is RANDOM!
    Steady golf is the way man, nice 77!! I had a really strong day. Hung onto par until the 17th, finished up two over. One of those days where the weather and the company were just unbelievable -- The type of golf I live for!
    Had to give you some rep being the only one willing to call bs in that blind9 thread.
    Hey friend,

    I mentioned you in the "Its a hit, not a swing golf instructor (wrists, not arms)" thread. I hope you dont mind.

    Hope all is well!
    I don't think either one of them know where they are, I asked about 2 weeks ago and Morgan responded but nothing since. I know they are real busy at the moment.
    LOL, thanks buddy, I feel the same way. I don't have any of the vids, but Josh has everything that was shot on a PC somewhere. My guess would be that he has no idea where they are, but MOrgan will know where everything is.
    CB you're the man. The 18 against Powerfade and Cpt Intensity was one of the most fun rounds of my life.
    I see you there, thanks for the message the other day. Glad to hear you are doing well and its good to hear from you buddy! You stay classy out there.
    I figured out a way for me to enjoy eating lettuce

    Have to say I was surprised to see the Silver Fern All Blacks flag here. Especially from 2 All Blacks fans!
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