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  • I'll check it out buddy. I take it that there was some success.
    No sir, I didn't receive a message from you. You want me to send you one so you can reply?
    No golf in Augusta today huh? At least it's not like my friend calloway who lives in Ashville N.C. He said they have plenty of snow up there. Tomorrow is suppose to be a bit better here in Middle Ga.
    Steve -- Take care buddy and hope the weather is not too bad in Augusta. I kept spelling it Agusta in our chat :eek:)... My X - Mother-in-Law in Augusta owns Dixie LP Gas. A propane dealership in Martinez, Ga. We will chat some more soon. Be careful and hit em good!!!

    Bill Sandefur
    We have a social group on here called southeastern golfers and are planning an outing in North Georgia this spring. You interested?
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