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  • No sir, havent been on there in a long time and certainly have never signed up for an account. Dean name pretty common, heck even on here. Take care
    Hey it's going to be a ton of fun! If you get a chance, you need to try and join TC, JB, and the rest of that gang the weekend prior to our outing. Anyways looking forward to meeting ya and it's always a pleasure to meet new THP folks.
    Hey Gray, just wanted to say thanks again for putitng this fall get together together...dang that sounds odd!
    That is a great Gray. Sounds like she put together several good rounds. There are always those few shot that come back to haunt us. Even the LPGA and PGA players have some they wished they could have back. But, heck, fourth out of all the the players is still something you and Kellybo should be proud of. Hopefully we can all get to play a round sometime soon.


    Hey thanks Gray. It sure felt good going into a round with a game plan that worked. I had shot a 91 the day before so I was beginnig to believe I could get there. Now, I will continue to work on consistency in my swing and alignment.

    How did Kellybo do in the tournament?
    Awwwwww I am truly sorry..... Maybe the accupunture would help? Never had it but I might be not be opposed to. I had a partial knee replace when I was 55 years old. Should have had the whole knee done... The right side of my knee now gives me pain so guess what, one day I will have to go back and have the total done. I just know Kelly feels bad when her neck hurts. She is a trooper like you and is hanging in there.. Take care of yourself and don't hurt too long.....
    Unfortunately, I am not feeling any better today. I had trouble sleeping last night because my neck was hurting. I am sure it will be fine just needs a little rest. Thanks so much for checking in = )
    Thanks so much! I keep getting the pain in my shoulder too. It seems when my neck starts to really hurt I get this terrible pain in my shoulder and eventually it just shoots down my entire right arm and into my fingers along with a terrible headache. I should probably listen to the doctor and take it easy but my golf game needs help and will wait for no one and nothing haha. Thanks so much for the well wishes!!
    I know you are working your butt off now! It will be fun to put up the pencil and take up the golf club :eek:) Looking forward to playing with your and Lucas. Your brother is a good guy. Shoots straight from the hip and I like that. I bet you are the same way :eek:)
    Whats up Gray? Not much here, just in the tax season and getting killed every day. worst of all, never getting my golf in....haha. How are you doing? I am pretty stoked about our golf outting
    I will let the guys know. I will get the word out on the 4DX Pros for you and see what I can come up with.
    I bought a weight kit off Ebay. This puppy is solid and long for and old man :eek:).. I play with three single digit handicaps today and won three bucks..... The driver was solid and my strength is my wedge game......
    Thats great! I am glad that you like it? Did you get anymore distance? Thats cool that you have changed the weights up....did you buy extra weights? Happy hollidays to you as well, enjoy your new driver.
    I have the regular R7 Limited, it is a 10.5 degree with a regular flex shaft. I am putting it past my old Burner but not a huge amount. I was told by a buddy of mine who is a golf pro that only tour players really need to worry about the shaft being reg or stiff. I have a pretty fast swing speed and I use my reg shaft just fine. But dont get me wrong, if you have a good swing speed it prob wont hurt to get a stiff flex
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