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  • Thanks Doug, I played very well - especially on Sunday in singles matches. Just hit a ton of FW's and GIR's, and hit the clutch shots when I needed to. I have loads of confidence coming out of this that I can play the level of golf that I want to.
    I wonder if I ran into you without knowing haha, I always play at nmsu since I live like right there
    I totally just saw you replied to my post about LC courses, Sonoma Ranch took over the members from LCCC cause they closed down. A new one called red hawk opened on the north side of town and it's a links style course. Turtleback mountain resort is the best course I've played it's in elephant butte NM and is pretty new maybe 4 years.
    Great Avatar! Best part about that picture is the photographer stuck in there and got nailed, but he got the shot!
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