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  • Màng chống thấm HDPE
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    Màng chống thấm HDPE
    Màng chống thấm HDPE
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    Màng chống thấm HDPE
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    Thanks for the info. I would love to attend but I am scheduled to work. I am a 20 hcp but not due to my iron play which is why I am looking at forged irons. I have played with some lately and like the feel over my cast sgi irons.
    I see you play the J40DPC irons. How well do you like them as I am looking at getting a set. I can't find them in E. Texas but will be coming to Dallas soon and hope to check them out at one of the big golf stores. Do you know who might have them?

    Yeah haha, my sister and her husband, he lived there all his life so I didn't know if that name sounded familiar, thanks
    Hey man this may be a long shot but do you know an Aaron Ashlock and Diana Ashlock? They live in your part of the woods
    HAHAHAHAHA just saw the Cookie 3&2 Bridgestone hat. Thats not a bridgeslap, thats a straight up bridgekickinthenuts. Beautiful!
    Dude, ouch!

    For sure we do, I agree entirely. I desperately wish I could make it to one of the outings, there's just no way with school. I'd have given anything to have been out in Myrtle with you guys lugging a camera around. This place and the people here never cease to amaze me.
    CONGRATS buddy! I can't wait to see the footage.

    When does prep-work for MC 3.0 begin for the Cookie?
    that's interesting about the Clicgear 3.0 thread because the post where I had said it was sold disappeared haha, thanks for fixing it sir
    Can I put this hear because everyone can read it... we need Sunday to happen at the MC. Toe vs Toe shots!
    yeah man looks like it will be fun. Been seeing alot of stuff about this morgan. thats is so awesome!!
    Hey man, love the vids on you tube. I actually joined THP after coming across your channel. Still trying to figure this THP thing out. Take care
    Hi Cookie. If you don't mind and you happen to remember, let me know how you get on with the 979SS irons. Are you getting fitted for them?

    Cookie...once upon a time you said you might have some pure grips that you weren't using. Could you bring one to tomorrow's round so I can see it? Looking forward to teeing it up with you and the others!
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