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  • Did you ever sell your mfgp2? I've been loving mine and when searching for private reserves I saw your old ad.

    Ps- your box is full so you're not able receive Pm's.
    Hi Doc, hope your all settled into your new place and the practice is up and running. Us Denver guys should make a trip down soon as you get warmer weather sooner it seems.
    according to the pic you posted in the signifant other thread, i feel like i've seen you before.. hmmm...
    I read your bag was stolen? Sorry to hear this! Did you get it back/any leads/is insurance going to cover it?
    I really appreciate the kind words in the J40 thread. I really enjoyed your spots as well. Any man that tees it up at Bandon is alright in my book. I hoe we are both in SC together...
    Miss the sunny weather there too. Just came back from Northern California, rained for 5 days straight.
    I suggest heading our way then! If you want to play some courses the big ones to look out for are Cape Kidnappers, Kauri Cliffs, Pegasus and The Hills.
    It's actually a quote from the movie Van Wilder translated to Chinese character. "Don't take life too seriously... you'll never get out alive."
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