Cobra DARKSPEED Drivers Review


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Sep 2, 2009
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The Driver
Last year, Cobra introduced the AeroJet, which was aimed at improving clubhead aerodynamics. Today, they’re releasing the new, highly anticipated DARKSPEED driver lineup, which continues to enhance the shaping of their drivers to move through the air more efficiently, ultimately giving golfers more speed.

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Best looking driver on the market from the shaping and design as talked about in @ddec review and the color scheme the overall design of this driver really does it for me.
These look even better in hand, imho.
Much anticipated release today. Drivers look mean and the aero story is awesome. Having been fortunate to hit one of these I can say get excited for those in the market for a new driver.
I can’t wait to test out the smart pad feature.
Great article! This driver has me untrigued. LOVE that the stock options are UST! I don't plan to upgrade to 2024 driver probably till end of year, but THIS one and the Ai Smoke will be at the top of my list to try.
These look even better in hand, imho.
They very much do. I’ve said a few times to lukewarm reception that the old model line looked way too ‘busy’ to me. I will be the first to give props where it is due with this new lineup. The darkspeed lineup is stunning from top to bottom.
That look great and the shaft options again are excellent. I love the headcover all blacked out.
Great writeup @ddec. Love the look of the Darkspeed driver, seems like it will be a shoot out between the X and the Max for me, absolutely can't wait to give these drivers a go, the Aerojet Max is the best driver I have ever hit, and if the Darkspeed has improved on that I just don't know what to say.
Wow those look so good. My only thing on a personal level is I don't get along with either of those stock shafts for the most part in past trials. I'd still try the X out in a heartbeat though.
Love how Cobra has color coordinated this line up.
Darkspeed and LinQ paired together. This sounds awesome. Great write up @ddec!! Now to decide, Max or X and 10.5* or 12* 🤔
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It doesn’t hurt that I hit the Max X decently as well. This was a high on the face spinner that still went. I think I could dial in with shaft as the Linq Blue I hit it with wasn’t the best fit for me. I bet I’d do better with a Linq White.

Edit - apologies this was the X not the Max.
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Such a great looking driver.

Can anybody expand on "skirt height" for me?
I think it is the measure of the rim from the ground?
@ddec are these UST Mamiya LINQ shafts the real deal or made for versions?
Don't forget to check out your local PGA store or golf Galaxy they have free fittings going on!
These look sick! Do we have any crown images or address pics?
These are just great looking drivers and the tech story is really cool. I love that UST Mamiya is included in the stock shaft offerings. It's very possible a Darkspeed Max with a LinQ Red shaft could be in my future.
Some really nice stock shaft offerings. I’ve always loved Cobra woods and these seem like another winner. @TWright971 will be hitting bombs.
Your first thought about these awesome looking drivers is the shafts offered? 🤦‍♂️