Izzo Golf EZ Roller Review

It’s winter time in the Midwest, and golf just doesn’t mix well with snow. It’s a sad fact of life around here. Since I can’t get out on the course for a few months, I thought I would take some time to really work on improving the parts of my game that don’t require a full swing. One thing that I struggle with is my putting stroke. I know I’m not alone on this one. I’m not a habitual three putter, but it happens more than I like. Also, I just can’t seem to convert on those mid-range putts for birdie or to save par. Many times I feel as if I just don’t have a very consistent stroke. My ability to judge distance isn’t bad, but I always seem to be a few inches from sinking those important putts. When I look at the path my putter is traveling, it ranges from straight back and straight through to slightly gated to jerky to smooth… You get the point. Izzo Golf sent me a device that was designed to smooth out the putting stroke and help golfers nail a few more putts. If you have the same struggles as me, please have a read and see how it worked.

According to Izzo, the EZ Roller:

• Eliminates deceleration through impact zone
• Creates a pendulum swing
• Regulates length of backswing
• Promotes proper alignment
• Improves putting accuracy

Initial thoughts:
No doubt about it, the EZ Roller is a unique looking device. It’s basically a putter with no face. It’s weighted, gripped, and shafted like many other flat sticks, but it has a round head with a hole in it that you place over a golf ball. At first, I wasn’t really sure how to even hold it, but once I read the directions, it was easy to figure out. One thing I appreciated is there was no set-up. All you have to do is unwrap the EZ Roller and it’s ready for use. The only negative that I noticed out of the box is that the grip, while shaped like a conventional putter grip, is a bit harder than anything I would use. Then again, this isn’t a $150 putter, it’s a training aid.

How does it work?
The short answer to that question is that it works really well and it’s easy to use. Then again, I’ve never been known for short answers. You can use the EZ Roller on just about any flat surface, but I would recommend a putting mat or a real life green (what is that?). Obviously, I’ve been using it on the putting mat due to the weekly blizzards in my area. You set up just like you would to take a real putt, but you place the head over your golf ball instead of behind it. All of a sudden you’ve got a very mobile, rolling device that moves around quite easily. Next, you align the sight lines towards your target. After you are all set, you take a normal putting stroke. If you are lined up and release the ball correctly, it will roll right to the hole. If you are misaligned or release at the wrong time, your ball will travel left or right of the target. If you don’t accelerate enough, you will end up short. At first, this all took some getting used to, but after awhile I got the hang of it. One thing I liked is that you get the sensation of rolling the ball toward the target instead of hitting it toward the target. The whole process seemed much smoother than my herky-jerky putting stroke.

So, does it work?
Good question! As I mentioned, I’m not going to be on the course any time soon, so I can’t say whether or not the EZ Roller has helped me reduce the number of putts I take in a round. One thing I can say is that I’ve gained a better idea as to what a good putting stroke should feel like. I’ve found that a quick warm-up with the EZ Roller translates to a better practice session with a real putter. So much so, that I’ve decided to start bringing it to the course so I can use it on the putting green before my rounds. My stroke has really smoothed out from the mess it once was. I’m a feel player and once I get the correct feeling in my body I can replicate it. The EZ Roller seemed to make it easy to find the feeling that I was looking for. If it works as well on the course as it does in my basement, I might be able to avoid those rounds in which I struggle to get my stroke going until the back nine.

In Conclusion…
In my opinion, the EZ Roller does three things really well. It promotes a smooth putting stroke, assists with alignment and helps to groove a proper release. In other words, it does everything that Izzo Golf says it will. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and look forward to seeing if it helps me shave some strokes from my game. For more info, check out the company’s website at www.izzogolf.com. The EZ Roller retails for 49.99 or less and is available from the company or through many online retailers.

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