Miura 1957 KM 008 Putter Review

Perhaps unlike any other type of golf equipment, putters tend to be looked at as works of art. With so many different shapes, styles and prices, finding one that hits on all the check marks can be a rather difficult yet enjoyable process. For golfers who enjoy a taste from the top shelf, there are companies like Miura, who offer high end equipment that stands out on both design and craftsmanship. After retiring one of their most popular putter models, the KM 350, Miura brings us a new addition to the 1957 Series with the KM 008 putter. 1 (400x268) From Miura In 2014, one of our most popular putters ever, the KM 350 (Small Blade Putter), was retired. Since that time, master club maker Katsuhiro Miura has been busy designing the next generation of this classic putter. Like all Miura products, there had to be an improvement on the original design or it wouldn’t make it to the production stage. Introducing, the KM 008.  The next generation of the “very best blade putter”. Like its predecessor, the KM 008 is forged from a single billet of soft carbon steel. The Miura forging process creates the industry’s tightest grain structure, with similarly tight manufacturing tolerances. Miura san stands by his statement that the putter has been designed for players who are seeking the very best. This toe weighted beauty,  comes at 350gms, confirms it is possible to match looks with performance.  The milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a strike which transmits to the feel, distance control and in achieving the truest of rolls from reduced skid. We invite you to #discoverperfection.                    “Series 1957” – limited special edition “Designed for players seeking the very best” says Katsuhiro Miura. This new Miura “Series 1957” Blade  putter goes through the same forging process which makes the Miura Irons so  successful in the consistency of the strike of the ball and in terms of feel.  The Miura craftsmanship has been transferred to this toe weighted offset blade putter with a classic oiled chrome finish, which very much complement its soft visual features.

 KM-008 (Right Hand Only)
  Material : Mild steel  
  Process: Forging finish + milled mild steel
  Finish: W nickel (satin) + Chrome (Soft Black)  
  Loft: 3.0°  
  Lie: 72°

2 (800x536) Aesthetics Ask a golfer to describe the KM 008 in one word and the results will generally be along the lines of compact or clean. Neither of those would be a wrong way to describe this flat stick. Starting off with the size, it features a very small blade length. To get a good image of just how petite the blade length of this putter is, place two golf balls side by side with the golf balls touching, and the face of this putter is just barely long enough to cover that width.  At first sight this has a little shock factor to it, however after lining up to take a putt, the focus on the blade length quickly slips away. 3 (800x536) The shape of this putter should resonate with many golfers. It takes some characteristics from one of the more classic design shapes in flat stick history, tweaked in a way that makes it purely Miura’s, and does so with pure elegance. With its heel-shafted offset build, to the slightly high toe design, the KM 008 might remind many of an old 8802 model, only with a subtly squared off back and thicker top line.   When it comes to any stampings on the body, the KM 008 is very minimalistic. The flange does not feature any form of an alignment aid, which is why the word clean gets used to describe its appearance. All markings are confined to the sole, and even those are quite simple. Outside of the Miura logo and the model number, the only other marking that is present is the word forged. Forged is synonymous with Miura as they have a long standing history of producing hand forged products. 4 (800x536) The icing on the cake would be the beautifully designed headcover. Embroidered across the top in large font is 1957, with Miura being an overlay to the numbers. Miura logos also dance across the black background to add to the fashionable look. Also, as an unseen bonus the headcover enclosure is magnetized instead of Velcro. With the headcover being an extremely nice accessory to the KM 008, the only thing missing from making this putter a total package is the use of a Pure Grip. Accepting the fact that putter grips are a completely personal choice, for a high end putter, golfers might come to expect something a little bit more luxurious in the stock grip selection. That being said, the current grip does offer a good amount of tackiness with a rather smooth touch to it. 5 (800x536) On Course Thoughts Weighing in at 350 grams, the KM 008 has a bit of a hefty feel to it, partially due to the squatty design. All of the weight is concentrated in such a small area instead of being dispersed over a larger head. This combination led to a surprising feeling of stability by really allowing a golfer to feel the putter head throughout the stroke. The heavier feel proved to be beneficial on putts or shorter distance.  6 (800x536) Rolling putts on the greens was a real treat with the KM 008. While feel is always subjective, this offering from Miura ranks high on the scale when it comes to softness. It strikes that perfect balance when it comes to putters. It’s got a soft feeling to it, and yet feels strong enough to give some really good feedback. Putts hit out towards the toe have a much duller feel to it, where as the ones hit in the middle give an incredibly satisfying sensation. With so much focus on how a ball reacts and rolls off of a putter face these days, the trend with milled putters has been the aggressive milling done to the face. Miura’s KM 008 does feature a visible milling pattern, however it’s not one that Is overly aggressive or deep. It really keeps up with the overall understated look that this putter has going for it. When it comes to the actual roll off the golf ball, this putter produces a really nice smooth and consistent roll. 7 (800x536) Conclusion In their own words, Miura has aimed to create the next generation of the very best blade putter. What they have done is forge a shape that might be familiar, but with a fresh twist on it. The combination of the limited stampings and satin nickel finish give consumers a very appealing putter to pull out of their bag. More than just looks, the KM 008 has shown to perform quite well on the greens giving a fantastic feel, and a putter that should suit the needs of a golfer who employs an arced stroke. Such a high end putter does come with a high price tag, as this model is listed at $450. More information, including the ability to order, can be found at www.miuragolf.com.

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