Mizuno MX-700 Driver Review

When it comes to golf equipment, few companies have a following like Mizuno has. Mizuno irons are held in such high regards that for many years their drivers have been overlooked. When you incorporate such great looks and performance in a forged iron, sometimes that will have a lot of trouble translating to the art of creating a driver. As many of the readers know, I was not the biggest fan of their MX-560 Driver, but eagerly awaited the arrival of the MX-700 after seeing it at the PGA Merchandise Show.

The MX-700 range is Mizuno’s attempt at not just the game improvement market but in fact all handicaps. They feel as though this driver will be suited for just about any golfer. We were definitely eager to try this one out. After speaking with Mizuno they were kind enough to send over a couple to put through a vigorous testing. Within just a few days a package arrived and in it were the drivers we were waiting for. Our first impression was that we were a little surprised that they went away from the classic blue and white that has grown to basically mean Mizuno in the golf world. Our feeling is that this was a great marketing strategy to pull away from the previous lines in which people were not crazy about the drivers.

The MX-700 driver is the absolute longest and most forgiving driver in Mizuno’s history! A revolutionary “Hot Metal” Ti-9 titanium face, plasma welded to a 6-4 titanium body, possesses a unique aligned grain structure which expands the COR area and increases ball speed for distance you won’t believe, even on off-center strikes. A geometrically driven head shape provides an extremely low and deep COG and a centrally located sweet spot for enhanced vertical stability, resulting in low spin and a high, penetrating ball flight to keep your drives long and straight.

Hot Metal Ti-9 titanium face:
Possesses a unique , vertically aligned grain structure, expanding the high COR area across the face for unbelievable distance.

Enhanced vertical stability:

Head geometry provides an extreme low and deep COG for a high, low spinning, penetrating ball flight.

“Power Hull” Body Construction:
Internal reinforcements for powerful feel and sound.

Crown Decal:

Strategically designed crown decal for easy alignment and comfort at address.

Our first day of testing out the Mizuno MX-700 was delayed due to rain, but once ready, we lined up myself and 5 other players to really put it to the test. This day was filled with all low handicappers and we were really looking forward to giving this one a shot. One by one we all warmed up and then took turns alternating with our normal driver and the Mizuno driver. We each ended up hitting about 20 balls with it and the feedback was pretty good. Myself and the other three golfers that are lower handicaps really loved the club. Hot face with a high ball flight gave us the extra distance that we have craved. The two teaching professionals that play to a scratch or better really struggled with this driver. Both loved the club head and face but felt as though the launch was just too high and that they were losing distance. This driver is built for low spin and high launch and both of those players like a driver with a little lower launch off the tee. After day one on the range I was eager for more.

The next day involved us taking this driver out to the course and having each person in our foursome play the Mizuno MX-700. We had myself, one high handicapper, a teaching professional, and a low to mid handicapper. The results we had on the range held true on the course. Three out of the four of us really loved the driver and the teaching pro struggled with distance. After the round we got together and exchanged feedback from the course. The consensus was that the driver is one of the few that combines a hot face and is still very forgiving. Two of the golfers out with us today struggle with a hook, and knowing that they can find a club that has forgiveness and is not set up offset was a blessing for them. The 9.5* we were testing is completely neutral. As the loft goes up on this driver, Mizuno has added some offset. 10.5* driver has .5* of offset and the 12* driver has 1*.

The following day we decided to complete our review by taking it to the range and letting the public try it out. We were able to get 11 more golfers to demo the club and the feedback was what we expected. 8 out of the 11 really enjoyed the club. We let the golfers have the option of hitting either the 9.5* model or the 10.5* degree model. Most of the players that tried out both clubs preferred the 10.5* version because they, like many golfers, fight a slice. The 3 golfers that did not care for the club had the same reason, the size of the head. The head size is slightly longer from front to back at address than many models and this was something that a few could not get past. We actually felt as though the graphics on the club head kind of hide the overall size and it was never an issue for us.

Overall, THP feels as though this is the club that will get Mizuno where it wants to be in the driver category. We would have loved to see an interchangeable shaft option on this one, but without that, it still gets very high marks. Not too many drivers can be put into play by so many different golf swings but this one sure can. With a retail price of $299.99 it seems like a great combination of price and performance. For more information on this driver check out Mizuno MX-700.

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