Nickent 4DX Fairway Wood Review

Each week at The Hackers Paradise we receive a lot of requests for products to be reviewed by our readers. One category seems to be left out and some of the readers wanted us to address it. That is fairway woods. With the popularity of hybrids over the last few years some players have opted to not carry fairway woods in their bag, however with companies still coming out with more and more club varieties each year, most golfers still carry at least 1 fairway wood in their bag. With that being said we decided to start reviewing the fairway woods of most of the companies out there and the results we got were different than what we expected. When testing these clubs we felt as though that they would perform similar to the driver that they matched, and we were wrong.

We reached out to Nickent Golf first and they were gracious enough to send over both a 3 wood and a 5 wood from their 4DX line. As many of you remember, we really liked the 4DX Evolver Driver that we reviewed last month. So we were quite anxious to try these out as well. We received both clubs and our first impressions were what most of our readers would expect. We loved the look of both clubs and could not wait to get them out on the course. We were in the middle of rain storms so the review would have to wait for the weather to clear and all of the reviewers were getting anxious. Within about three days we got back to the FL weather that we are used to and were able to assemble a nice group of 9 testers to try out the Nickent offering.

We all met at the course driving range and began warming up. After each golfer was nice and ready we alternated between our normal fairway wood and the Nickent 4DX fairway woods. Each person had a different take on both clubs and here are a few of the highlights.

1. Extremely hot face.
2. The overall design of the head is very nice.
3. The ball gets up and stays up.
4. At setup you the club gives you confidence.
5. None of us really liked this shaft in a fairway wood.

After the session we spoke more about the shaft choice in the clubs. The overall consensus was that the clubs would have been unanimous winners had they gone with a different shaft. This is not taking anything away from the choice that they made but when Nickent set such lofty goals with every other item we have reviewed we were expecting a miracle club. The shaft seems like it is more geared towards a hybrid type of a swing and not a fairway wood. Tough to explain but the ball gets up a little too fast and we felt as though we were leaving some distance behind because of it. However keep in mind that you can order this club from Nickent Golf with a different shaft.

We decided to get a few more opinions and took the clubs to the public range. On the range we had the exact opposite opinions we had the day before in our controlled group. We were able to have 16 people hit the woods and 13 of them said they would switch from their current model immediately. The other 3 had the same issue as us as far as distance being lost. We really do not know what to make of the clubs. We love the head and the face and we love the look. But somehow the shaft felt as though it was letting us down. Yet the masses on the public range had no issue with that at all.

Overall, the Nickent 4DX fairway woods are enigma to us. We think the heads are about as good as anything we have used to date. To complicate matters more, we actually have tried and really enjoy the shaft that they chose in many other things. We wonder sometimes with as much as THP has liked the drivers, hybrids, and irons that Nickent has put out in the last twelve months in the 4DX line that the goals were just so lofty and unobtainable. We urge people that are in the market for a new fairway wood to take a strong look at the 4DX line. The 4DX fairway wood comes in 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21 degree setups. With the traditional look and hot face, the club head is a winner. With a MSRP of $159.99 it has a great price and on Nickent Golf you can change the shaft at time of purchase to a UST V2 and you will have an amazing fairway wood.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Very solid and honest review. We have missed that in this industry. How would you compare the heads to that of the Callaway X in your bag?

  • BradG,
    It is a tough comparison. I think I prefer the head of the Nickent and prefer the shaft of the Callaway.

  • Thanks JB. I feel like this review was written just for me! Interesting issue about the shaft. I never really have worried about the shaft choice for anything but my driver. Makes sense that it’s important in the woods and hybrids too though.

  • I got the opportunity to hit this at the range and for me really enjoyed the club. The shaft that was troubling for some was nice for me. Got the ball up in the air fast and I had no lack of distance.

  • I really like the look of the club in this review. I have been in the market for a 4 wood and might have to check this one out.

  • I bought one of these last month and love it. I have the UST V2 in mine (5 wood) and it is my go to club.

  • Nice write up, if the new to me fairway woods I picked up recently don’t work out I will have to give these a go.

  • Very good read. After reading this I figured I would have to try one because I already have the shaft I want. Picked one up fairly cheap on ebay and once I get it all reshafted, will report back.

  • Great read guys. I have been trying to find one of these on ebay and this confirms that I want one with the UST V2

  • For anyone that’s tried these out do they sit closed or square? Also are they draw biased at all? Thanks

  • They sit virtually square Andrew. Possibly slightly closed. Lots of people are discussing fairway woods in our forum and we are going to be giving a new one away soon.

  • just ordered the three wood with the ust v2 stiff shaft.. can’t wait to get my hands on it and hit it. I saw on this site and another one that it has an extremely hot face. Thanks for the review JB…

  • I’ve played 4 rounds with the Nickent 3 wood regular shaft and love it. Really nice off the tee.

  • Just have to say- happened upon this review and feel the need to comment. If you put a good shaft in this thing, it is HOT. I mean HOT HOT. It has a great sound and feel to it. I put a Proforce V2 in mine at 76 grams stiff. I took the RBZ challenge, and all things equal, i was only behind the RBZ by one yard. 1. not 17. pretty darn good for a 3 wood that’s 2 years old and counting.

  • I am a Low Single Digit Handicapper with a Fairly Quick Tempo Swing and an even Quicker Transition into the Ball… Especially in Regards to My Driver, Woods & Hybrids. With that being said Other than My Driver (Ping G Tour X Shaft) ALL MY WOODS/HYBRIDS are Nickent I don’t Care how old they are Etc they are Still the Best In the Game Period! The Sound my 3+ with a Project X 6.5 in it is still the Best Sounding Wood I have Heard hit to Date! That Club with that Shaft Combo in it is Sooooooo Longgggggg it should be Illegal around 265-275 Yards Consistently! Even Miss hits on the Toe Still Flyyyyyyyy! The feeling off the Face when hit in the Screws is Still UnMatched by Anything on the Market Past, Present, or Future! My 3+ is a 4dx…I also have a 4 wood 4dx UT with a Project X 6.0 and a 20 degree 3dx IW with a Project X 6.0 Shaft and I get Asked almost religiously what Club Manufacturer I am Hitting! I Also Own a 4dx Tour Spec 9 degree Driver with a ys6+ Shaft that Rivals my Ping in Terms of Length and Honestly Sounds Better Coming off the Face! It’s a Travesty thus Company ever Went Under! RIP NICKENT YOU GUYS WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

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