PUMA Acquiring Rife Putters?

Rumors are flying once again in the world of golf equipment that PUMA is centered around. You might remember that last year the company made major headlines when they acquired Cobra Golf and entered the equipment industry. Well it appears that the company might be at it again.

THP has heard from two different sources that the deal is just about done and that PUMA/Cobra Golf could be acquiring putter manufacture Rife and that the partnership might be announced very shortly. More news as it develops of course.

Here what others have to say on the subject right here in the THP Forum

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  • i have zero experience with Rife putters so i can’t say whether or not this is great or not, but i’m sure it is.

  • I like how Puma is setting themselves to be a force in the golf world. More companies with bigger $$$ behind them means more competition and better products for all of us. The next few years are going to be very exciting OEM wise.

  • Rife makes a nice putter and should be a good fit for Puma.

  • I think this is a pretty good move, Rife make some pretty sweet putters. Good work PUMA.

  • Good marriage in my opinion! I am glad to see Puma making the move to expand their equipment choices to include putters. Maybe next will come the wedges!

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