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Rickie Fowler has made a splash onto the PGA Tour this year and a large part of that is due to his clothing. His attire is 100% PUMA Golf and it definitely makes a statement. His clothes are just a small sampling of what they have to offer but just by watching him on TV you can see that he wears bright and bold colors that make him easy to spot among the crowd. Rickie is a great representation of the company because PUMA is known for thinking outside the box especially when it comes to their color wheel. So it should come as no surprise that their new Special Edition collection is unique and innovative. When THP was at the PGA Merchandise Show this year we had a chance to stop by the PUMA booth and shoot some video specifically about this line.

The Special Edition collection is all about bold colors, shiny fabrics, and has almost a retro feel to it. For instance their ladies Special Edition Golf Jacket comes in a blue/black combo or a light pink/dark pink combo. The pink jacket is light and bright and the black is darker and more subdued. Black is a big theme for the Special Edition Collection. This is a performance driven jacket and while it may seem like just a fashion piece it actually has a ton of great features including ventilation in the back to keep you cool.

The men’s version of the golf jacket comes in a crystal blue color which is a bit more adventurous then the other option which is black with a hint of pink. This is also a shiny jacket but has knit on the inside to keep it comfortable and prevent it from being sticky. The style for both jackets is more of a slim fit and, to me, is very modern to almost futuristic. The blue and black combo and multiple shades of pink are seen quite a bit throughout this collection yet manages to look different from piece to piece.

Another great trend that it seems PUMA was really at the heart of is the military cap. It is so different then your everyday baseball cap and it adds a real youthful vibe to any outfit. It really allows a golfer to express their personality both on and off the course. We see that blue/black and pink theme appear in the military caps as well. My favorite part about the hat is PUMA’s logo, the signature cat. I especially like how it looks like it is jumping off the hat. The shape of this hat is not necessarily great for every person’s head but when it does fit right it really looks great.

The military cap is fun but the PUMA Cell Fusion Special Edition shoes are in a league of their own. Sleek, stylish, modern, and comfortable all wrapped up into one golf shoe. The design is clean, the colors are bold, and the overall look is quite remarkable. These shoes are heavy on the white, rather than the black we have seen in some of the other items discussed above, but then those beautiful pastel colors are introduced to really make the shoes pop. I have to admit when I first saw the colors I was a bit taken aback. I wasn’t really sure what to think. I love the colors but I wasn’t sure if I liked them all together. I wasn’t sure if the shoes were a little too modern and I was concerned it would scare away a large number of golf consumers who are more of a traditionalist. Then I tried them on and when I looked in the mirror I realized these shoes are fantastic. The colors are bright but that is what makes these shoes so great. They will match with a lot of outfits and they just have this aura to them that makes you smile. I realize they will probably deter the more classical golfer but I don’t think that is the target audience for PUMA anyhow. As I mentioned before PUMA is a great brand for helping people express themselves not blend in.

After I was wowed by the style I wanted to put the comfort to the test because while fashion is great function is still the biggest concern for most golfers when it comes to golf shoes. PUMA really got it right in the comfort department because these shoes feel great on the feet. They offer nice support while still being soft on your feet and will allow round after round of play without any foot fatigue. I was really impressed with how well these shoes performed. I have had some PUMA shoes in the past that I didn’t find to be as comfortable as some other brands but I would put these shoes up against just about anything on the market and I think they would really give the other brands a run for the money.

The final piece to the Special Edition line that I personally think ties it all together is the golf belt. It is patent leather with a shiny appearance and the most beautiful punch of colors. The belt itself is black and then the edges have pink and yellow. It has all the key colors found in the rest of the Special Edition line and really is the perfect compliment to the other items. This belt is also a direct reflection of the tote bags and golf bag that are also featured in the Special Edition line. It has such a fun retro look and almost makes you feel like you are on Miami Beach.

The PUMA Special Edition line is a really fun way to express yourself on the golf course. With a base color of black and then the addition of bright colors like pink, yellow, and blue this is the perfect color pallet for spring and summer. To learn more about this line and everything else going on with PUMA you can visit their website here.

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