RealGolfers Apparel Review

It’s no secret that the 2020’s golf explosion and an expanding global economy have resulted in a surge of new apparel companies. It’s also no secret that we love apparel at THP, and we’ve fully embraced this trend. From country club chic to laid back, there’s a brand to match any style.

RealGolfers Apparel

Henry McGannon, a lifelong golfer and longtime caddy, founded out of a desire to provide fresh, high-quality, and affordable apparel that was within the reach of anybody interested in the game. McGannon, better known as Hank, started playing golf at age four and eventually found himself caddying at legendary Southeast clubs like Pinehurst 2, Biltmore Forest, and the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island. He continues to caddy full time in addition to running and still manages to pursue his passion for competitive golf. 

RealGolfers hoodie

RealGolfers offers a complete line of apparel for the course and casual wear, including polos, outerwear, t-shirts, and hats. The styles range from funky to traditional, making it possible to feel good anywhere you end up with a golf club in your hand. We sampled a polo, the company’s bread and butter product, and a golf hoodie.  

To keep things fresh, RealGolfers limits restocking their apparel and attempts to bring a steady stream of new looks to their product line. In addition, it’s worth noting that they donate 10% of all sales to The First Tee of Greater Charleston. 

Rhythm Polo

RealGolfers polo

Golf polos are the core product at RealGolfers, and the Rhythm Polo is a great example of the unique approach the company is taking. The design, and that of its sister polo called Rhymes, was inspired by the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest. Both are limited edition items from the A Tribe Called Golf collection. In the Rhythm Polo’s case, the inspiration is immediately evident, with an array of vibrant colored figures seemingly dancing on the black background. A closer look reveals the characters are actually golfers in various poses. According to the company, these animated stick figures bear resemblance to the “idiosyncrasies of some of the world’s best players like Jason Day, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson”

The Rhythm Polo is constructed from a breathable, moisture wicking material that has both UV protection and anti-odor technology to keep it looking and smelling fresh. The material is best characterized as medium-weight, which should make it a solid option for warm-weather golf. The backing to the collar is sufficiently structured in a way that makes us feel like it will keep its shape for a long time. 

Small details add to the look of the Rhythm Polo. For example, the inside of the collar is bright red, contrasting boldly against the black. In addition, a logo that resembles a jester is embroidered on the back of the collar. While small add-ons, both are classy embellishments that we appreciated. 

In terms of sizing, RealGolfers describes their polos as having a “classic fit” and we found no reason to disagree. The Rhythm Polo was true to North American sizing standards with plenty of room in the chest and midsection, so you should feel comfortable ordering your normal size. The sleeves were slightly longer than mid-length and loose enough that they didn’t strangle the biceps. In all, the Rhythm Polo was a comfortable, fun looking golf polo that fits nicely into its price point. 

RealGolfers Apparel Review


  • Comfortably relaxed fit with ample stretch for ease of movement
  • Wrinkle Resistant 
  • 90% Polyester 10% Spandex
  • 3 Button Placket
  • Machine wash on cold, regular cycle on dryer
  • 30 Day Returns

FlopShot Hoodie

The hoodie, a stalwart apparel choice for cool weather and bonfires, has transitioned into acceptable golf attire in recent years. RealGolfers offers a rotating selection of hoodies that are as functional as they are stylish. The Flop Shot hoodie goes beyond repurposing an item in the back of your closet. Instead, it relies on subtle design choices and advanced materials to provide something you can play in comfortably. 

Constructed from a combination of 63% Rayon, 30% polyester, and 7% spandex, it’s soft and luxurious feeling in the hands and the soft fleece interior feels incredible on the body. We had a chance to wear it in on a few warmer days that reached the 50’s and were pleased to find it kept us warm without being suffocatingly hot. The technical materials surely played a part in that, as most of us should be familiar with the unpleasant feeling that comes from getting too warm in a cotton sweatshirt. 

Small details let us know the Flop Shot was made for the golf course. For example, it lacks distracting drawstrings, and the hood itself has been designed in a way that it doesn’t want to hang over the shoulder or flop around in the golf swing. In addition, rather than a uni-pocket spanning the front of the hoodie, the Flop Shot features two zippered side pockets. This was useful for a number of reasons. For example, providing easy access to keep hands warm and preventing stored items from interfering with the swing.

Both the wrist cuffs and waist hem are a ribbed elastic material, trapping in warmth nicely, while keeping the hoodie nicely in place. Neither were so tight as to cause discomfort, but definitely did accomplish their task as designed. Like the Rhythm Polo, we found the Flop Shot to fit mostly true to size. This is not what we’d consider a baggy hoodie, so if you’re planning on layering, it may not hurt to go up a size, but ordering your normal size will work in most applications. We loved this piece in just about every way. It was stylish, comfortable, and worked great for swinging the golf club. 


  • 63% Rayon, 30% polyester, and 7% spandex. The Rayon shell gives it a soft, comfortable feel and a casual look. 
  • Hidden Zipper Pockets. The zipper pockets are perfect for the course. Keep your hands warm in the pockets.
  • Cuff tightness. Not too baggy or too tight during the swing.
  • No drawstrings. So they don’t dangle when you address the ball.
  • Tightened Hood Stitching. To make sure it won’t move around during the swing. 

DetailsRealGolfers Apparel

  • Rhythm Polo – $60 and available in sizes S through XXL
  • FlopShot Hoodie – $90 and available in sizes S through XXL
  • More information and ordering available at
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