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Volition America is no stranger to the golf space as they have been partners with Puma for several years. You may have noticed the Volition logo on Gary Woodland when he sank the winning putt at the 2019 US Open. Back in January, they announced another partnership, this time with Revo Sunglasses. This collaborative venture offers several models of sunglasses to Revo’s Spring/Summer lineup while carrying on the message and mission that has come from Volition America. There are currently four different models available within the Revo X Volition Collection, and for the last couple of weeks, I have spent some quality time with the Caper model. For those who are not familiar with Volition or what they stand for, CEO John Sapiente was a recent guest on the THP podcast Off Course, and it is well worth the listen. 

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Throughout their entire catalog, Revo offers eyewear that covers the gambit to ensure there is a frame for everyone. Whether you are looking for a sporty pair, something more casual, or even a pair of aviators, Revo has you covered. Not only do these sunglasses look good, but they offer some extra durability thanks to the Revo SuperFlex material that makes up the frame. Anyone with kids in their lives will undoubtedly appreciate that additional flexibility (yes, that was tested). Caper is more on the sporty side, making them ideal for golf and a plethora of other outdoor activities. 

revo volition sunglasses

One of the characteristics that Revo sunglasses are known for is their lenses, which feature their signature NASA-based Light Management System technology. They offer UV light protection, Blue Light filtering, glare reduction, and even play nicely when using a digital screen such as your phone, which isn’t always the case when rocking a pair of polarized lenses. While Revo offers nine different lens variations, is it the Blue Water lens that is featured in the Caper model. Frankly, I’m a fan of the blue lens’s appearance with the black frames, and the clarity that I experienced when wearing them on the course has been very impressive. These lenses are worth raving about, as they are that good. 

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I am a big fan of wearing sunglasses out on the golf course. In fact, I consider them to be a consistent part of my golf attire. Now, a lot of it is personal preference, but there are models out there that I find work well for me on the course and others that don’t make the cut. Revo bills these as a medium fit, and I find that to be a fair description as they fit comfortably on my face while fitting easily under the brim of my hat. 

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Finding a good pair of sunglasses can be a tricky notion for some. We all have our preferences regarding what works best, what fits our style, and what is comfortable. When picking a pair to bring to the golf course, I tend to get even more selective. It is easy for me to say that these Revo X Volition Caper frames are a no-brainer for me and have easily made the cut because they tick all the boxes in what I look for. They are comfortable, stay secure without noticeable pressure, and as I mentioned above, the lenses are very impressive. 

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Revo X Volition Caper is currently priced at $179, with the other three offerings coming in at $199. Since this is a Volition America collaboration, a portion of the proceeds from these models are donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation, which benefits the families of our fallen American military heroes. Not only will you be picking up a fantastic set of shades, but you will be donating to a fantastic cause. 

More information on the entire Revo X Volition line can be found at

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