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A month ago THP had a story about Nike signing the world’s number one player and bringing some friends with him. Today at a huge press conference, Cindy Davis, President of Nike Golf, made it official and both she and Rory spoke about the signing.

McIlroy talked about testing equipment at the Oven back in December and gaining ball speed up to 180mph and carrying the ball 300 yards. The world’s number one ranked player also mentioned his putter switch by saying “From now on I will be playing the Method”.

Here is a look at what McIlroy will be playing with and wearing to start out the 2013 PGA Tour season.

Rory McIlroy WITB
Driver: Nike VR_S Covert Tour, 10.5 degrees, neutral position
3-wood: Nike VR Pro Limited Edition, 15 degrees
5-wood: Nike VR Pro Limited Edition, 19 degrees
Irons: Nike VR Pro Blades 3-PW
Wedges: Nike VR Pro 54 & 60 degrees
Putter: Nike Method 006 Prototype
Ball: Nike 20XI X
Apparel: Nike Golf Tour Performance Collection
Footwear: Nike Lunar Control

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  1. Cookie says:

    Good info! Interesting that he stuck with the Pro woods but made the switch to teh Covert driver. Things that make you go hmmm.

  2. War Eagle says:

    Full switch to Nike. Incredible!

    Good to know Rors agrees with me on the wedges!

  3. JT723 says:

    He’s playing some higher lofts in those clubs. Ball must be launching higher then normal.

  4. Damaikis says:

    Very good info. I can’t wait for this season!

  5. Jason K says:

    Talk about going all in. WOW, I am pretty surprised that he switched putters too. This is such a big signing it’s not even funny. I think they’re going to have a great partnership together.

  6. dhjkelly says:

    Some of the Nike Tour Performance clothing is great stuff

  7. Trout Bum says:

    This is pretty darn cool! I can’t wait til he gets his first Nike win.

  8. tnolan says:

    complete switch, top to bottom.

    if these new Nike boys can start winning soon, Nike Golf will skyrocket!

  9. jjmorris says:

    The putter switch surprised me. Glad to see him playing the new covert as well!

  10. Danilo says:

    so, when is his first appearance?

  11. Jeff Spicoli says:

    180 ball speed. Crazy, crazy.

  12. ddec says:

    Cool to see him go all Nike right of the bat. A lot of talk about the putter not being in the bag but it sure sounds like it is. Hope Rory has a good year or else he will be scrutinized for changing.

  13. Jeff Reed says:

    Rory seemed a little reluctant to give up his Scotty Cameron. Rory in the Swoosh! I like it.

  14. Jman says:

    Well look there, Rory, with REAL clubhead and ball-speed is playing a 10.5 loft driver and not some single digit loft. Things that make you go, hmmmmmm….I like it!

  15. Wicked Cool Bearded Man says:

    Excellent info! I was shocked at the putter switch as well. It will be interesting.

  16. DawgDaddy says:

    Looks like Rory has totally embraced Nike from ball to driver. It was only a few years ago some were saying Tiger was playing “inferior” equipment with his Nike clubs. My how times change.

  17. Largephil says:

    It will be interesting if his rankings in distance and accuracy go up. That is the best thing that could happen to Nike out of this.

  18. Scrap Iron says:

    Wow he does have a Method

  19. Gezer_1 says:

    Ha this is cool turns out he’s got the same putter as me 🙂
    I thought he’d go 001 like tw

  20. TheRave says:

    Let’s just hope Nike doesn’t release any clubs called Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster. A club named 913 would start looking real good to Rory then.

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