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Here at The Hackers Paradise offices we get requests each and every day for different equipment to be reviewed. One of the most requested companies has always been SeeMore Putters. SeeMore originally became recognized when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open playing a SeeMore putter. Stewart one-putted the last three holes to win the championship by one stroke. He sunk what’s considered to be the longest putt in Open history on the 18th hole to win the tournament.

In 2007 the SeeMore Putter Company was re-launched as it introduced a new line of milled putters with the only goal being to use its patented and proven RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system to create the world’s finest putters. Zach Johnson’s 2007 Masters victory will now be forever remembered along with Payne Stewart’s dramatic US Open victory in 1999 as two of the greatest final round putting performances in history, both having relied upon SeeMore putters.

We contacted the company and were extremely happy to see that just a few short days later a putter arrived to try out for our review. When a new product arrives we always get our “first take” on the item and this one was really different. The putter looked and felt great. However the “red dot” was driving us crazy. More on that later. We also want to add that although we did not personally care for the putter cover that came with it, most of the people we spoke with that saw it really liked the look of it. In fact, the SeeMore covers have become quite a collectible recently especially their Masters cover with only 1,000 ever produced.

SeeMore has launched new for the 2009 season the strikingly beautiful new SB1 mallet to offer an improved game improvement option to the player looking at the new generation of large, face balanced, high MOI mallets with general alignment features from front to back, such as the 2-Ball category of putters. The SB1 offers all the benefits of these large oversize mallets with the added precision alignment benefits of SeeMore RifleScope Technology (RST).

The body of the SB-1 putter is 100% CNC milled from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. It is anodized with a black satin finish to provide a perfect contrast with the RST and with the white alignment line from front to back. The shaft is bored-in to the head very near center, which results in the SB1 being face balanced. It is SeeMore’s only face balanced mallet. Each SB1 putter also incorporates a milled internal hosel, providing an extra internal connection between the shaft and head, which enhances feel and allows the putter to be lie-adjusted later on should the player wish to modify this important specification.

Technical specs aside, THP wanted to know just how they performed in real life situations on the course and the putting green. The first test was was myself and a local teaching pro trying it out on the putting green and then on the course. Both of us loved the feel of the putter but the red was still an issue. The goal with this is to make sure you are not seeing the red dot during your stroke like the first picture featured near the top of this review.

The issue we were having was that we were spending so much time focusing on “not seeing the dot” that it was giving us fits with our approach to putting. After a few minutes of getting the hang of it, this putter worked like a dream. The weight and feel was great, and the roll off the face was as good as we have seen out there. Both of us looked on as the balls were getting closer to the hole with each putt.

The next test was taking it to the people. The Hackers Paradise assembled six golfers at a local putting green and gave them the THP SeeMore Challenge. You practice with the SeeMore SB1 for 5 minutes. Then each golfer hit 10 balls each from 15 feet away with their regular putter and the SeeMore. Each of the six golfers had the same issue with the red dot during the 5 minute warm up, but settled in quickly. The results were fairly conclusive. 5 out of the 6 golfers tested made more putts and were closer by 33% with the SeeMore than their regular putters. The one that was not actually used an old Bullseye putter that he had been using for 29 years.

Overall the SeeMore SB1 gets a big thumbs up from THP. So much so, that I am having trouble parting with it. With a MSRP of $225.00 it is certainly not the cheapest piece of equipment out there, but results do not lie and we feel as though in comparison to other putters the SB1’s price is right in line with where it should be. You can read all about SeeMore putters as well as shop right online at SeeMore. This is one company that takes pride in their website and the knowledge and information found on there was quite useful. One more thing to note is that SeeMore Putters also has a great blog with tons of information. All of our readers our urged to check that out as well at Seemore Putters Blog.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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