Sneak Preview – New Cleveland Golf Wedge Fitting App

THP has learned about a new Wedge Fitting App that is coming from Cleveland Golf. Cleveland has made a name for itself in the wedge market and it appears that this will be a valuable continuation of that effort. Reportedly, the Wedge Fitting App will be phone, tablet, and computer friendly and will offer consumers, fitters and dealers the option to place customized orders. Options available for selection will include multiple Cleveland wedge models in all available lofts and bounce angles, as well as lie angle changes, shafts, and grips.

The app will be bolstered by the new Cleveland Golf Fitting System, which features interchangeable wedges – an industry-first. Available on new Fitting Carts and Fitting Displays, these interchangeable wedge heads are available in a multitude of loft, bounce, lie angle and model options, and are accompanied by a variety of interchangeable wedge shafts.

THP recently spoke with Cleveland about this comprehensive fitting cart at the 2013 PGA Show.

Stay tuned to THP for full details. We have been told that they will be available in the next couple days.

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  • Looking forward to trying out the application, and then with all of the options in the fitting cart it sounds like an actual fitting will be able to dial in everything. Anxious for the carts to hit the stores! Really is quite impressive all they have packed into the cart.

  • Apps are the way to go, it should be useful.

  • I love the movement to EMBRACING apps and there fore the tech that we all depend on daily. Very interesting and I’m betting useful as heck too.

  • Sounds like Cleveland is on the right track to help golfers find the exact wedges they need. Having an app is a great idea.

  • Well hello, this is interesting. Information like this will be a wonderful thing for my game.

  • Cleveland and wedges just go hand in hand. Not surprised to see them coming out with an app to assist in fitting their wedges. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • “interchangeable wedges – an industry-first”

    I beg to differ, and I’m sure there are plenty on THP that will back this up. I was fitted with a system using interchangeable heads and an online app last year. Scor wedges have changed my game.

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