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Though it’s likely a new name to many consumers in the US market, Big Max bills itself as “Europe’s Number 1 Trolley Manufacturer” and the company has been in the business for over 20 years. Their Blade Trolley is innovative, highly portable, easily stored in small places, and backed by an outstanding warranty.

About the Blade


Ultra compact is yesterday’s news – ULTRA SLIM is our New Motto!

With the BLADE, BIG MAX has succeeded in bringing to market the most spectacular golf cart in terms of design and functionality in the world. BIG MAX has made the golf business’s very own “Twiggy”!.  With its ultra-slim design it stands out from the crowd of functional push trolleys.  Winner of the “Best NEW Product Award” at the 2013 European PGA Merchandise Show, The Blade scores highly once again as it can be setup and folded in a matter of seconds because the wheels automatically fold in and out.

  • ULTRA SLIM golf cart
  • Fits in the smallest space / locker
  • ONE FOLD Technology
  • Easy and practical to transport with travel case included
  • Stable construction
  • Suitable for all bag sizes
  • 2 Quick Lok and 2 Quick Fix bases
  • Four color options
  • Weight: 14,3 lbs
  • Size: approx. 35 x 24 x 5 inches
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • $299


There’s not really a better way to illustrate what it takes to set up the Blade than to watch this quick demonstration the company put together.

Big Max also includes a few different pictorial and written instruction sheets in the packaging, though they were a bit more confusing than just watching the video.  Once the process was figured out, it took mere seconds to complete setup or teardown.

The back wheels are removable if one desires, though it’s not necessary for storage. Reattaching them is as simple as depressing the black button on the wheels and clicking them into place.



In the increasingly crowded push cart market, it becomes more and more difficult for a company to set their product apart. In the case of the Blade, the differentiating factor is the amount of space it takes up and the ease in setting it up.

The pictures below (with a standard wedge for size reference) give an idea of how much space the folded cart takes up when in its carrying case. It should be noted however that the carrying case isn’t necessary for transporting the cart. The handle is actually attached to the cart itself and sticks out the top of the case, meaning it’s available for use at any time.


As the pictures illustrate, the folded down cart is small enough that it can not only sit at the bottom of a car trunk without taking up much space, but it also can easily fit underneath a bed or in a closet during the off season.


Convenience factors aside, there are a number of other features the Blade touts, starting with the accessory tray. A soft –to-the-touch foam handle wraps in the frame around the accessory tray, and there are three red buttons within easy reach.


The two side buttons either lock in or release a number of optional accessories, including an umbrella holder, GPS holder (compatible with smart phones), and rangefinder bag. When not in use, a set of plugs help keep the locking mechanism clean and dry. The center red button opens up the storage tray, which contains some attached rubber bands to secure whatever items are kept inside.


Rounding out the accessory tray’s features are a pair of golf ball holders, a netted drink holder, two spots for tees, a secured pencil slot, and a place to keep a ball marker.


Underneath the tray sits a swiveling scorecard holder that stays out of the way when not needed, but can be folded down quickly for use after each hole. In reality, there are three viable places to keep a scorecard secured; giving the consumer the option that fits his or her needs the best.


Aside from the accessories that fit into the Quik Lok bases, there are a number of others that can be purchased, including a hand warmer, wheel cover, mesh bags and nets, glove holder, sand bottle, and an additional beverage holder.

The base and upper bag bracket fit an overloaded hybrid stand bag quite easily and the elastic locking straps made it almost immovable under normal circumstances.


Unlike some carts where the bag sits at a more extreme angle (leading at times to clubs getting stuck in the bag), the Blade situates the bag in a very upright position. At first this was a bit unusual to the eyes, but with time and some thought it made perfect sense. Not only are the clubs easy to get in and out of the bag, but the entire bag is closer to being covered by an umbrella during poor weather.


The back wheels are made of a harder foam material that has just the smallest amount of give to it, which should help quiet them down a little on paved surfaces. Next to each wheel is a brake that can be activated or deactivated with the foot, which is not only convenient, but also removes the need for a wire traveling from the wheel to the handle. The loaded cart was easy to push and tracked straight right out of the box. In the event that it moves in any direction other than straight, the front wheel can be adjusted easily by following the included instructions.


The unloaded Blade isn’t exactly what we’d consider light at almost 15 lbs, but the frame is made of metal and feels extremely sturdy in hand, meaning it should be long-lasting and less prone to defects over time. Also, the company supplies a two year warranty on the Blade, which can be extended to five years just by registering the product online within three weeks of purchase.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, weather prevented thorough outdoor testing of the Blade, so please stay tuned for updates on the THP Forum, as long term observations and updates will be available soon. As far as convenience, solid build quality, and a plethora of accessories are concerned, the Blade+ impressed right off the bat. More information, including ordering instructions, is available at the company’s website,

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