Suzann Pettersen Interview

THP recently had the chance to chat with LPGA Superstar Suzann Pettersen via webcast and ask her questions submitted to us by readers of THP.

THP: Thanks for joining us and taking the time out of your day before the 1st major to sit down and talk to us and our readers.

Suzann Pettersen: Glad to be here.

THP: If you were to be LPGA commissioner for one day, what rule would you change and why?

SP: I do not want that job, so I am not sure I can answer that. But if I had to take the job it would be that the caddies could eat with us in the players’ dining room.

THP: When you are on tour, and you are looking for a little R&R, what do you do to unwind? You are known to have a tight knit group, so do you make the hotel your home base, or go hang out with the players.

SP: I normally make the hotel my home base, but once in a while I will meet up with some players and go out for dinner or something. Most of the girls on the tour are pretty close in age and get along really pretty well, so I can make a few calls and meet up with people. But normally I stay within my own group. A lot of it really depends on the area and how much work I am doing on my game.

THP: Are you considered a tinkerer or a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of person with your equipment?

SP: [Laughs]. I do not change clubs very often, but at the same time I am always listening to the guys at the Oven to what is out, what is coming out, and what they think I should try. They know my game so well, that if they say this will work, I try it out. But getting me to switch is not that easy.

THP: You changed to the VR Str8-Fit, what made you put it in your bag and what are your early thoughts on it?

SP: My 1st thought when I saw it was that I loved the looks of it. Very traditional looking when I am setting up. Then I hit it at the Oven and it I really liked it so I made a change. So far this year it is working out pretty well for me.

THP: You made a switch to the Method Putter as well with the unique computer like face. What made you switch and what are your early thoughts on it?

SP: [Laughs] I was given one to try at the Oven and put it in my bag and played 18 holes with both the Method and my old putter. I made more putts with the Method. They showed me the screen on the computer and it was getting the ball rolling a little faster off the putter face and it is shaped just like my old putter so it was an easy switch. So far I really like it and love the way the ball rolls off the face.

THP: Speaking of the Oven, we see all the new commercials coming out which one is your favorite?

SP: Hmmm. Not sure, but I really like the new Justin one. Justin Leonard when he finally gets the new driver.

THP: When you get a new box delivered to your house from Nike, do you get more excited if it is shaped like clubs are in there or more excited if it looks like shoes and apparel are in there.

SP: I like getting all the boxes and they arrive almost every day it seems. But definitely shoes. You have to have sneakers to match every outfit and I have so many I have lost count at this point.

THP: I might be able to match you in golf shoes!

SP: Golf Shoes maybe, but not sneakers. I love Nike sneakers and have so many. I also love getting clothes and clubs, but mostly shoes. I’m a girl and you can never have enough shoes. You would not believe how many pairs of shoes I have.

THP: Going back to playing, who was your inspiration growing up in the world of golf.

SP: When I got into the game Annika was getting ready to really take control. I followed her a lot and got to play with her quite a few times and just playing with her you pick up so much. Listening to her stories around the golf course and just picking up little things that made her great. I also got to see Tiger Woods rise to the top at about the same time and you had Annika in the LPGA and Tiger in the PGA both dominating their sport. It was great.

THP: The LPGA put a beating on the PGA & Champions tour in a fun event, do you look forward to defending that title?


THP: Thanks for taking the time with us today and thank you for signing the hat for the winner of the LPGA Kraft Nabisco contest we have going on right now.

SP: [signing hat] How many people entered and picked me?

THP: We have about 800 entries so far and the rules are they have to pick 4 golfers and 1 of them has to be a Nike staffer, so either you or Michelle are going to be on their team.

SP: [Raises her arms] Pick me Pick me!

THP: So far more than 80% of the entries have chosen you.

SP: That’s what I like to hear [starts cheering]. I feel like I am on Idol.

THP: We should put up a sign that says text 92778 to vote for Suzann.

SP: [Laughs Hard] Glad to sign them and love you guys. Tell everybody that I love them all and keep picking me. [Laughs again]

We want to thank Suzann Pettersen for taking the time to chat with us and also for donating the autographed hat for the Kraft Nabisco LPGA Contest we have going on right now. As always, Suzann was a blast to talk with and extremely personable. She loved the questions submitted by our readers and THP looks forward to chatting with her again real soon.

And I think that we need to throw down the THP challenge and see who has more pairs of shoes…JB or Suzann Pettersen?

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