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Choosing grips for your clubs is an often overlooked part of the game. Finding a type of grip that is comfortable for each golfer, suits their eye, and has enough grip to properly hold the club in place is a key component in playing well. I have always played a certain kind of grips that offer these key elements to my clubs and really fit my game well. It was a trial and error process to get to that point, but one that will help me for years to come. Recently THP was contacted by Tacki-Mac to see about reviewing their Itomic golf grip line and put a review together. As always, we were happy to oblige and eager to try them out.

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From the Company
Tacki-mac grips never lose their tacky feel and are superior to other products hot or cold, wet or dry. Each grip is made from a high quality thermo plastic rubber (TPR) which gives the grips an exceptional tacky feel. Our color fast dye and richly ingrained patterns will outlast any competitors products. No rubber or leather grip can offer you our quality or performance.

First Impressions
About a week after speaking with the fine folks at Tacki-Mac a box arrived and in it was a set of the Itomic golf grips that are white with a black cap. The model 1090 is what we received and the grips looked great. Just picking one up out of the plastic bag you could feel a “grip like” feeling and I must admit, I was enamored with the white look. It stands out quite a bit and as someone that has long been a fan of white putter grips, I was eager to try these out.

Freshly Regripped

We immediately went and got a set of Nike MachSpeed irons and Cleveland CG15 wedges and took the existing grips off. A quick “grip job” and these were ready to go, drying for the next day’s round of golf. The look alone had me eager to get started. Regripping with the Tacki-Mac golf grips was really no different than any other grips we have tested. The process is quick and painless and the result was a beautiful looking white grip to contrast the normal black grips we see elsewhere.

We put the Tacki-Mac Itomic grips through 9 rounds of golf and countless range sessions. A few questions were answered for me that we got quite a bit of in the forum before the review. Are the grips tacky? Yes, extremely. They have a grip on them that is very good and one that holds up as well as others. However during some very humid rounds, we got an almost “slimy” feel that we have not had testing out other grips on the market. It did not have an adverse affect on play, but was “different”. The white sparkled and shined for the 1st round. Unfortunately, after that, the white quickly turns to gray as it becomes dirty. This is a grip that must be washed after each round if the aesthetics of your clubs are a concern to you. The getting dirty part of the testing, in some ways, was a good thing as it shows an indicator that your clubs must be cleaned.

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Over the course of the 9 rounds, the grips did not lose any “stick” and could still be considered as good as new, minus the getting dirty part. The picture to the left is after just one round. One thing kept coming up and that is the texture on humid days (testing took place in FL) was still a slightly slimy feeling. Again, it did not hinder play, but rather was just off putting.

For the bargain hunter, these appear to be a great value. Priced at less than $4.00 per grip we found them to hold their tackiness extremely well. We do not however recommend them in white. Will I change from my current grips to these? Probably not. While I like the “stick” they provide, and lord knows we need all the help we can get in FL to combat the humidity, I did find the slimy aspect of the grip not really my cup of tea. Again they did not hurt performance, but each tester that we handed the club to during our rounds had the same reaction. If you are in a climate that is not quite as humid, but are looking for something with some serious grip, these may be perfect for you. For more information on the Tacki-Mac Itomic or any of the other products that they produce, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. J says:

    You didnt write about any testing done in wet conditions—what kind of test is that? Like testing a car in city street driving only, passing by perfectly good highways in the process.
    The reason I ask is because these sound similar to Winn Grips, especially the :”slimy” feeling when humid—and we all know Winn Grips are horrible when wet.
    Let us know!

  2. Administrator says:

    Im sorry you feel that way about our review. We play in FL humidity every day throughout the year and have not had any troubles with other grips and a slimy feeling when reviewing. We did however with these. As for testing in wet conditions?!?! It has not rained in our part of FL in close to 3 months. We are powerful, but cannot control the weather…HAHA

  3. Debbie says:

    I can tell you they are nothing like a Winn grip nor do they get slimy or slippery when wet, just wipe them down with a towel and you are good to go.

  4. James R says:

    Its funny, I have not seen the reviewer here once mention Winn grips, yet the other two commenters keep bringing it up. Im guessing that they are company people. I liked the honest review, it is not something you see much anymore. Thanks for sharing. For the money, I always look at these, yet I always end up with the new decades.

  5. biggsy says:

    Another great review. I really like the look of the white grips. I got a chance to hit with these myself and they are definitely tacky and I am with you, I would not get them in white. The tackiness just picks up every piece of dirt it can and they become grey very quickly.

  6. Mike the Glfer says:

    I play the black version of these and like them quite a bit. But I must say that in humid conditions they do get a bit sticky and slimey. Not just tacky

  7. Puttin4Bird says:

    I have really started to like the looks of the white grips on irons lately. Thanks for the review, sounds like we’ve got a pretty decent set on our hands here….literally!


  8. J says:

    hi everyone
    I’m not a winn grip company man—not even close—I run a marketing services company—
    anyway, just interested in how these work when wet—you’re right you cant control the weather, but you could re-create it with water—-make the grips wet and tell us about it.
    Anyway, love the site and all of the content—-I usually dont notice a gap in any reviews, but had to ask the question!

  9. Lefty75 says:

    They make good grips. I recently regrip my clubs with the Taki-Mac Dual Molded, almost the same as the costly golf pride Multi-compound and got a great overall performance for a 3$ grip.

  10. clam fist says:

    Love that white look. How hard was it to clean and did they return to bright white color or look dingy.

  11. Snap Hook says:

    I like how unbiased and honest your reviews are. Keep up the good work!

  12. bob says:

    Hi I like those grips because my sweating prohibits glove use …

    ….Is there a way to revitalize the Tacki-mac grip?

    I’ve washed mine with soap and water also tried cleaning with solvent but the tackiness won’t last through 9 holes on my PW-8I.

    I admit practice a lot with those clubs to but the grips were new in the spring and didn’t last the month.

  13. These grips are terrible. Don’t buy them. 107

  14. govofrhodes says:

    I have these grips not very good grips. wear to easy, slick when damp. the white is not easy to clean. and during round they can loose tackiness. not very good would not buy again nor tell a friend to buy.

  15. wmt says:

    There is a new version of this grip called the it2 and it addresses some of the concerns listed. I have used them for a year now with very heavy practice and play. Haven’t noticed the slimy feel at all and there is no noticable wear and I destroyed a set of multi compounds in about two months. I have the white ones and yes they get very dirty and I would probably not get them again except I like the way they look so I wash them constantly. They get tackier every time I wash them so I have begun to bring a wet towel and wipe them down with that and then dry it and the tackiness is great. I have found that they grip so well that my grip has gotten a lot more relaxed because I never worry about slippage, as a matter of fact it’s gotten so loose that I have almost thrown a club while practicing because I forgot to hold on. Needless to say I recommend anyone looking for an inexpensive grip that does exactly what it says try this one and keep them clean. I’m getting ready for a second year and they might just last forever by the looks of mine.

  16. Wedge Man says:

    I have used Tacki Mac dual compound half cords for the past year. I like them a lot and have found them to wear very well. I re-grip every spring and just ordered enough of the same grips for next year. They are half the price of Golf Pride dual compound half cords and wear and perform just as well, if not better.

  17. AZ Play says:

    I’ve been playing the Blue grips for over a year. They have never discolored or dirty. When sweating in Phoenix I use a towel for my hands and wipe the grip, great results. Up north in cold rain/snow I wipe the wet grip and they are tacky and solid feeling. I love these grips, specially at under $4.00 per. I even bought extra’s which I have not had to use yet. I also do not use tape with these and have not had any slippage.

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