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Whether you are a cart or a stand bag person it seems that many people are more interested in the features of a golf bag. Golfers seem to have a special way they organize their golf bag and it sort of reminds me of a ladies purse because it may seem cluttered but it’s organized clutter. We have everything we need right there in our purse. To me a golf bag is a ladies purse for the golf course so it would make sense why people are so picky about which bag they choose. We recently had the opportunity to review the Taylormade Catalina Cart bag from their 2010 collection and one thing is for sure it was not lacking in the features department.

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The Catalina Cart bag is offered in four color combinations and for our review we received the Navy Blue one. The color is quite striking it is a deep blue but at the same time brighter than your typical shade of navy. I really liked that brighter color and thought it made the bag stand out. Besides the gorgeous color there was something else that immediately stood out to me and that was the weight. At only 5.9 lbs I could not believe this was a cart bag. Even fully stocked with clubs I was still able to easily lift this bag.

There is ample storage space in the Catalina including a very nice insulated cooler pocket with draining ports. Of all the features of this bag that was by far my personal favorite. This bag has a total of 9 front pockets so a person can access anything they need from their bag while attached to the cart. Speaking of carts the Catalina is also Trolley compatible. Additional storage options come in the three velour lined valuables pocket which has an internal key/ring clip. There is also a patented internal crush proof construction and removable internal valuables pouch. That would be a great place for a cell phone or to grab at the turn for a quick bite to eat and of course at the 19th hole for a drink with friends. The side of the bags has accordion expandable pockets for even more storage. A pen and divot tool slot can also be found on this bag and like everything else they are very easily accessible.

Another convenience tool introduced in the 2010 line is the FAST-TEK Compatible– Fast Action Snap Technology. Below is some info on this new technology.

“Leading the innovation charge and representing the biggest leap in functionality is a new TaylorMade bag technology called Fast Action Snap Technology, a seamless way for golfers to access important accessories such as GPS, rangefinders, phones, cigar holders and other valuables without having to dig through cluttered pockets during a round.

With the separate purchase of one of six Fast Action Snap Technology cases, golfers can quickly and easily affix these accessories onto corresponding rivets which line the outside of all of the new 2010 bag models”

Not only does this bag have a 14 way divider top but it also has an integrated putter tube and an integrated umbrella sleeve. The dividers are full length and do a great job of separating your clubs without the grip getting stuck at the bottom. Many people were a little concerned about the putter tube because it didn’t look like it would safely hold their putter. It is rather unique in that the top’s opening is actually the Taylormade “T” logo. At first glance we thought this would give us a problem, but within a few minutes we realized that it works perfectly and actually held the putter in place well. There really is a place for all your golfing gear.

Carrying and moving the Catalina Cart bag is also a breeze with the integrated front handles. These make loading an unloading very easy. There is also an integrated bottom trunk handle for easy transport. Additional features include a rainhood and cart strap lock.

With all the storage space, features, and color options available for this cart bag it really does have something for everyone. For seniors or ladies the fact that it is so lightweight is fantastic. The putter tube was a huge hit with everyone who got to see and test out the bag and they loved that it had the 14 way divider. The Fast Action Snap Technology was a brilliant addition to the 2010 line and our reviewers absolutely loved the concept behind it. For a fully functional, feature heavy, versatile cart bag the Catalina Cart bag by Taylormade is a must try. You can see more pictures and learn more about this bag here.

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  1. Ryan says:

    One important question though… how many cans does cooler pocket hold?

  2. Administrator says:

    I would say probably 3 or 4. It comfortably holds 2 water bottles with room to spare.

  3. Sacul1573 says:

    Awesome review GG! Really is a sharp looking bag.

  4. curtis strange fan says:

    I just bought this bag and it is awesome.

  5. Joe says:

    Cooler Pocket holds 8 cans of your favorite beverage with room for some ice.

  6. Osahar says:

    Great review GG. Looks like a great bag, especially with all those features at that light weight – it’s within a pound of my Monza Featherweight with 14 full dividers!

  7. bob says:

    where can i get a blue catalina bag or the green tour special gag?

  8. bob says:

    where can i find a blue bag

  9. Dale says:

    Just purchased this bag, but cooler pocket does not have drainage and is not placed at the bottom, below the ball pocket, as demonstrated in the video and shown in the info attached to the bag. Can you advise why this is?

  10. flippity says:

    Are the full length dividers “individual” to each of the 14 holes? or is it the same as last year. One sleeve for woods, irons, wedges, etc.

  11. Golfer Gal says:


    It is kind of a hybrid of both. They are not individual slots but at the same time it is not just one opening for all the clubs.


  12. Gerry says:

    Where can I buy the taylormade Catalina cart bag?

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