Tech Talk: Center of Gravity

One of the most important aspects of club design is the center of gravity. Over the years, our readers have learned about the movement of weight, and ultimately what happens to the performance of equipment when it occurs. But what happens when you put two brilliant design individuals together and have them break it down further? This video takes place and it is one of the most fascinating THP TV spots to come out of the 2018 PGA Show.

While we know 8+ minutes is longer than many of the THP TV videos you see here, if you are a fan of golf equipment or want to know a little more about the thought process that goes into the design of metal woods and irons, this is a must watch. Here Tom Olsavsky and Michael Vrska go back and forth on the design elements that alter the performance of your clubs including center of gravity, but also branching out into MOI, club size and more.

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  • Wow. That is an in depth discussion, and a great one. I never realized that CG would be in the heel on some iron types, and I can see why the tour guys would want it more towards the center. I like the story about Bryson too, we all know our mind are crucial in golf, and it’s nice to see that even tour players need to be reminded of it too.

  • Nice! Information is king and this was great. Learned a lot about the jigsaw puzzle that exists when designing a golf club!!

  • A lot of very fascinating information was discussed between those two smart guys. Probably going to have to watch it a few more times to really digest the technical information. Had no idea that so much went in to golf club design prior to my time on THP.

  • What a great in depth discussion on not only CG but many of the things that are intertwined with it. Amazing what they can do in such a small package and the continuous learning that is going on. It’s possible, because of one length, Cobra is learning things that no one else is.

  • I love these tech conversation, it’s almost mesmerizing listening to it. It’s crazy how many different factors play in to a club that I never think of. That story about Bryson was really interesting as well.

  • looks like one-length is effecting golf even if its not being 100% adopted. Cheers to Cobra for making it mainstream and using what they’re learning from one-length to improve variable length clubs!

  • WOW! that video makes a club fitting session seem more important to me then ever. I play single length irons and like them a lot but I still have clubs that I do not hit as well. With all the factors that play into building a club, finding what works for you is a little harder than just picking up a set off the shelf. Cobra seems to be putting allot of effort into building clubs not just for the pros. but for a diverse golfing population. Great video and presentation.

  • These are always my favorite to listen to. Love the tech talk! Keep it coming guys. Mr Vraska is a great addition to THP this year!

  • Such a great video – the back and forth between the two guys was great, swapping stories and experiences around the tech was fun.

    I enjoyed the Bryson story how he has his theory and trying to validate it specifically the one swing but how it doesn’t work with wedges vs a 4I

  • that video was fantastic! two of the smartest guys breaking really heady concepts down in a way that even i can understand. i heart content like this.

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