Tech Talk: Center of Gravity

One of the most important aspects of club design is the center of gravity. Over the years, our readers have learned about the movement of weight, and ultimately what happens to the performance of equipment when it occurs. But what happens when you put two brilliant design individuals together and have them break it down further? This video takes place and it is one of the most fascinating THP TV spots to come out of the 2018 PGA Show.

While we know 8+ minutes is longer than many of the THP TV videos you see here, if you are a fan of golf equipment or want to know a little more about the thought process that goes into the design of metal woods and irons, this is a must watch. Here Tom Olsavsky and Michael Vrska go back and forth on the design elements that alter the performance of your clubs including center of gravity, but also branching out into MOI, club size and more.

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