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Whether you are a seasoned golfer, beginning golfer, hacker, or just a casual player you have probably been bombarded with swing tips or advice on how to do many things when it comes to hitting a golf ball. How to set up, how to swing, how to finish, blah blah blah.. Every swing is different to the individual player but one thing is almost always the same across all skill levels, the set up. THP recently received an interesting little training device that is surprisingly easy to use and actually does what it says it will do. That device is the Swingpact and it says that it is the ‘fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to improve your golf game.’ Or so it says but did it help me? Check it out.

From the Company

  • The Swingpact will instantly put you in perfect set-up position.
  • Train you to execute a proper take-away
  • Prevent ‘casting’ on the downswing
  • Develop one fundamental golf swing.
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Key Features, Technology & Functionality
Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to say about this training aid. The key feature, technology, and functionality of the Swingpact are of the same nature, simple. Everything from the design to the use is about as basic as you can get. However it’s this simplicity that really helps you know what you’re doing well or doing wrong. There’s nothing like ‘just in time’ feedback and this thing will tell you what you’re doing wrong immediately. This can be both frustrating as well as rewarding.

Initial Thoughts
My initial thoughts when I first unboxed the Swingpact was ‘are you kidding me?’ ‘How am I supposed to use this let alone test it?’ I had never seen anything like it before and like all humans when seeing something new for the first time, there was a certain amount of skepticism and disbelief. However, once I perused the instructions that came with the device I realized why it’s shaped the way it is. I took hold of it with my 6 iron and immediately felt like something was wrong. This is how a proper set up position is supposed to feel like? That is what a proper take-away is supposed to look and feel like? The old saying goes that if it feels wrong then you’re probably doing it right. Boy was I screwed up more than I thought. Mind you I’ve never really had a formal lesson and I’ve managed to get by on self-taught principles but now I may be onto something with building a more consistent set up which is the start of all things good and bad. All of a sudden I realized that there may be a method to this madness. To the range!

For those of you who are nervous about using a training aide at the range and feeling like a newbie golfer, relax. The Swingpact isn’t conspicuous at all. Unless someone knows what to look for, they’ll never notice it.

That being said, here is where this training aid helped me realize what I was doing wrong. Right away. Evidently, the proper shaft-to-forearm angle for most professional golfers is 150* which results in a shaft-to-spine angle of 90*. This angle is used on every swing for every club a golfer uses which reduces a lot of different swing variables that can cause errors in the swing. Arguably, this is the most important part for amateurs as this is the starting point for the golf swing and here I was not maintaining the proper spine angle which was causing a lot of inconsistencies (fat shots, thin shots, etc).

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Next is the take-away and back-swing which will really define whether your swing is going to be like a pro’s or Charles Barkley’s. The Swingpact promotes a one piece take-away which means your arms, shoulders, and hands all turn and go back at the same time while maintaining the proper 150* angle above. Holding this wrist angle is key to maintaining the body turn as well as generating club head speed . This was perhaps the biggest ‘a ha!’ (the feeling, not the 80’s band) moment I had during this testing period. At one point my elbows would break down and then take my wrists with them which in turn killed my back-swing. This meant that I was over correcting my downswing and follow-through to compensate for my initial swing faults. All bad. After a while I began to feel what a proper takeaway is supposed to feel like and once you get this feeling, anything else will feel, well, wrong.

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The Swingpact is a simple, easy, and effective training aid that can benefit golfers of all skill levels. If you’re a ‘feel player’ like me, the tactile training method will immediately translate to you and provide instant feedback. If you’re not you’ll develop some properties of ‘feel golfers’ when you start to notice the training aid telling you where your swing is good and where your swing is not so good. I continue to try and use the feedback the device has given me and at times I feel like I’m starting my golf journey all over again by rebuilding components of my swing. I’m not going to lie, its frustrating as all get out, but I’m confident that the short term pains will yield long term results if I stay with it. The price for the Swingpact is a modest $19.95 and may be the thing that either corrects a flaw or prevents one from taking shape. You can visit their website here for more information.

If you still have some doubts about whether this training aid will work, don’t take my word for it. Behold, the Swingpact is a 2011 PGA Merchandise Show award winning product. Others have seen the benefit and potential of this product and you may too.

T. Hanks

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