THP Radio – Will New Technology Help You Succeed On The Course

ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes GolfTEC back to the show to discuss whether or not new technology will help you succeed on the golf course and whether or not your current bag is helping you.

On this episode:
How do you know if new technology is right for you?
Can loft gaps cause problems?
Driver fitting and loft issues explained
What is swing analysis?
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. THP Radio shows are also available at ITunes.

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  • Man I am really interested in getting a gap analysis

  • What a timely show! I have been reconfiguring my bag and was hoping to complete it today with the purchase of either 1 or 2 wedges.

    Loved all the talk about gapping as I have been paying a ton of attention to that recently. Listening to the portion about delofting and angle of attack makes perfect sense especially between FW woods & hybrids.

    Thanks Doug for coming on and helping to make a VERY informative equipment show!!

  • Great show THP and Golftec! Really good listen. I like how Doug talks about strong lofts and where they might cause difficulty. That often gets overlooked by those loving the novelty of hitting a 9i 170!

  • great show JB and Doug, i have heard nothing but good things about golftec and would love to check them out sometime.

  • Great show.. Big FAN of Golftec. I have been fortunate to have them on my bag…..

  • Interesting to me what was said about fairway woods. Thanks Doug for a great show. And thanks to you JB, Good Stuff all around!

  • Thanks for the info JB and Doug. I always love to hear about golf technology, fitting, and analysis. I am always tinkering with my bag using most of the factors mentioned here. Last night I hit the CG16 tours w/ KBS tour stiff shafts that are somewhat weak lofted in comparison to most GI irons and I am struggling getting my head wrapped around the 2 or 3 degree loft differences with my R9’s. I really wasn’t losing much distance though. Very interesting. (by the way $49 is a great deal to find out what you should have in your bag)

  • Whoo-hoo I love ITR days, always makes lunch way more fun. I am a firm believer in the GolfTec system, glad they are a part of THP.

  • Great show JB and Doug. Really wishing there was a GolfTec near me.

  • Great show!
    Really like the info on distance gaps.

  • Thanks for another informative show. I really enjoy these and like the idea of reader questions in the future.

  • If you have a Golftec in your area, go by and take advantage of the Father’s day deal. You owe it to yourself have your equipment perform the way you expect it.
    Great Radio show, very informative but then again they all are.

  • Now I want to play around with different shafts in my driver. Great episode, particularly on the importance of launch numbers vs loft.

  • Great show! I really loved everything you guys talked about. Thanks Golftec and THP.

  • Great show. I am going to find the closest Golftec and get this done!

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