THP TV – TaylorMade R1 Driver Preview

THP got a chance to speak with TaylorMade Golf about the new R1 driver and the features that it has.

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  • Great interview. 168 options is crazy, but the 1-2-3 system should allow most golfers to really dial their settings in for optimal performance.

  • Most golfer font play the correct loft, I can honestly say that is a telling statement. Without a professional fitting how long would it take to find your optimum setting?

  • Great interview about the R1. Sounds like TM really put a ton of thought into this driver given that drivers and balls are becoming more low spinning and it is tough to get fit into the perfect setup. TM delivered a solution and the tools to help you try out many different configurations and determine what works best.

  • Not a huge fan on the look but I like what it can do for us golfers!

  • i do like the look of this even if i think it does look a little weird with the compass sole plate. but taylormade always makes a decent driver.

  • 168 options ?? Does it come with and How big is the owner’s manual ?

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