Ultimate Club Testing: Titleist 718 Irons

It has been a long time coming and today THP Presents, Ultimate Club Testing, with Titleist Golf. The new line of irons is getting some great early buzz, and here is your chance to come to a THP Event, enjoy all of the fun and leave with a brand new set of irons that has been fit for you.

What is Ultimate Club Testing? It is simple, THP does a lot of club testing where we send THPers clubs and their job is to review what they receive for a period of time and then they get to keep the product. Ultimate Club Testing takes that to a whole new level. You will show up to the resort, and be handed a brand new set of fit for you irons. Of course THP will provide the food, drink, golf rounds, range time and the clubs and you provide the fun and the reviews.

When & Where
October 27th – October 29th, 2017
Orlando, FL
Reunion Resort
7 Lucky THPers

Skill Level
ALL skill levels are welcome and we mean that with everything we stand for.

New Clubs
As a prerequisite to getting into the event, all participants must go through a Titleist Thursday fitting and submit their specs and info to me via Private Message. Then your clubs will be built, shipped to THP HQ and they will be waiting for you at the event and delivered at the meet and greet where you will spend time with THP and Titleist as well as your fellow participants.

Friday Evening: Meet and Greet where new clubs are presented
Saturday Morning: Range time with new clubs
Saturday Afternoon: 18 Holes on Nicklaus course
Saturday Evening: Group Dinner with participants and Titleist
Sunday Morning: 18 Holes on Watson Course

Signing Up
Signup is as easy as sending an email and all of the details are on the THP Forum. Click on over to see what is necessary and how you could be a part of THP Ultimate Club Testing with Titleist Golf.

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