Volvik Vista 3 Prism 360 Golf Ball Review

Volvik is a renowned brand known for its unique and vibrant designs. However, their focus is not only on aesthetics but also on providing high-performance golf balls that cater to the needs of golfers of all levels. If you want to learn more about Volvik, you can check out their brand story here. But since you’re already here, keep reading this one first. Recently, Volvik launched the Vista 3 Prism 360 golf ball, which continues its legacy of delivering character to the game while ensuring exceptional performance.

Vista 3 is a three-piece golf ball that boasts Volvik’s Nano-Bi core, designed to produce more ball speed. Volvik has done an excellent job balancing speed with softness, thanks to a soft layer surrounding the Nano-Bi core. This soft layer not only helps with the overall feel of the golf ball but also aids in spin control. At 90 compression, the Vista 3 provides a soft feel, although it was firmer than anticipated. According to the company, this ball is suited for swing speeds between 70 and 100 MPH, which places my driver swing speed right at the upper end of that recommendation. 

Volvik has opted for a Z-III Ionomer cover which could improve its durability and provide excellent spin, per their claims. We will delve deeper into this in a bit. The cover and core combination helps produce a slightly clicky sound upon impact, which is not unpleasant but more noticeable than other balls within Volvik’s range that harness a deeper tone. 

If you have yet to notice, the Vista 3 offers visual technology with its Prism 360 alignment. We’ve seen other companies come out with various alignment markings that stray from a traditional look, and this one easily lands in that category. While these markings aren’t exactly my cup of tea, this one has a fun element using the seven colors that appear through a prism, or as my son calls it, the rainbow ball. If you like this type of visual technology, you’ll understand why I found the Prism 360 very easy to line up putts. Away from the green, it also could easily be used for alignment off the tee, whether looking for a target or using it to help square the face up at the setup position. 

Performance testing of the Vista 3 Prism 360 took place indoors with the help of a SkyTrak+ launch monitor. As luck would have it, testing was done alongside two other new golf balls from Volvik, the Condor and Condor X, with the latter two sitting as more premium golf balls in the lineup and offering a good look at how this ball stacks up. Below is a chart of how the Vista 3 tested with a driver, 7-iron, and SW. 

One noteworthy observation was made during the testing process, which you also likely noticed by looking at the data above: The spin numbers on the SW shot were quite low. Initially, I did not believe this number, but after swapping the ball and hitting the same type of shot with another Volvik ball, the RPMs increased to what I would have normally expected. Although the spin was unquestionably lower, the Vista 3 launched 4° higher with a steeper descent angle into the green than I saw from the more premium Condor lineup. Seeing this outcome could give the impression of better greenside control on the course while offering a different approach to achieving it. It is unlikely that the Vista 3 will routinely hop and stop, but it should still be playable on those shots. 

With the exception of the wedge spin, the numbers I achieved with the driver and 7-iron are in a good spot, considering that my swing is slowly returning from its annual winter hibernation. Spin numbers off both clubs were in a good place for me, and other data points, such as ball speed, peak height, and carry yardages, were all within a comfortable range. Volvik classifies this golf ball as part of their premium distance offerings, and in many ways, it did keep up nicely with their tour performance offerings. 

Volvik is also releasing a new special edition golf ball alongside the Vista 3 Prism 360 balls mentioned above. This edition is tied to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and features a Pink 360 alignment stripe instead of the multi-colored stripes. For each special edition Vista 3 golf ball sold in 2024, Volvik has pledged to donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The company has committed to a minimum donation of $20,000.

More information on the Vista 3 Prism 360 golf ball you can visit their website at www.volvik.com.

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