Welcome to the New Year THP Style

In our forum we just finished giving away a brand new set of Taylormade Burner Irons courtesy of THP and Taylormade Golf. We started the year off by giving away a brand new UPRO GPS and finished the year giving away that set of Burner Irons and of course had new contests every single week including our huge charity raffle and our 12 Days of Holiday Cheer so we had to find something fun to start off the new year of 2010.
THP accumulates quite a few things over the course of a calendar year and as the site that gives back to its forum community we wanted to do a Year End Office Clearing for those in our online golf community. To make it fun THP is going to hold its first ever THP -Let’s Make a Deal Contest Event. Of course no money is changing hands, because this site is ad free and cost free. But we are going to be giving away everything that is left in our offices from 2009 for 3 full days of contests.

How the game will be played:

Every night we will have 5 contestants. Each contestant will have the chance to pick between three boxes. Two of the boxes will have real prizes and the other one will have something silly like a dog bone.

Each contestant will get to choose between the three boxes, once that prize is revealed they can either choose to keep that prize or trade it in for a THP prize pack of Tees and Golf Balls. Once all 5 contestants have claimed their prizes we will go on to the THP ‘Big Deal of the Night’. The person who was the biggest winner of the evening will get the first opportunity to choose the Big Deal, if he or she declines then we will move on to the second biggest winner and so on and so forth. There will only be one contestant per night who can go to this final round.

The Big Deal of the night will have two prizes, one will be worth more than any other prizes offered that night and the other box will be empty. So if a person decides to play for the Big Deal of the night they are agreeing to trade the prize they previously won for whatever is behind those two boxes. If they chose the empty box then they go home with nothing. Are you feeling lucky?

We will start this contest Monday January 4th at 8pm EST and we will have 5 total contestants a night and we will randomly select 1 contestant every 15 minutes. You obviously must be online in order to play and we will be posting pictures through out the game so everyone can see the boxes and prizes. The last day of the ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ game will be Wednesday January 6th.

How to enter:
For each night that we do the contest we will start the thread in the morning and if you want to be a part of the contest that night please post that you are ‘in’ in that thread, that will get you automatically entered. We will then randomly select 5 contestants for that night using a random number generator.

You must be an active forum member with at least 10 posts and you must be online at the time of the game. If you are not a forum member yet, it is fast, free, and easy to join by clicking here.

We hope everyone has fun with this and wins some great prizes!

We can ring in the new year THP Style with more great prizes for forum members that are active in our community. Good luck to everybody and in the end, it is all about fun and the season of giving.

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