2011 Hollas Apparel Review

A few months ago, THP had a preview into the 2011 Hollas apparel in our monthly digital newsletter and based on feedback received, we wanted to take a closer look at some of the styles that they have available. Functional Fit, Performance Fashion. The 2011 collection remains true to the brands heritage while combining pieces that better reflect the evolution of the game. Regardless of fashion trends, the golfer has become educated to search for fabrics that look and feel great without sacrificing performance. Hollas is dedicated to the functionality of the clothing, and fit is every bit as important as the appearance and style of the garments.

Hollas sent THP a Brooklyn Polo in black to try out and the first thing we noticed was the materials. With 52% recycled polyester and 48% nylon, the shirt is extremely light weight and drapes nicely over the frame of your body. The nylon make up has what Hollas calls XFC Ice Cool moisture management that also has UV protection. It is there to keep you cool and wick the moisture from your body in the heat of playing golf. Out on the course, it performs wonderfully and as well as any apparel we have tried this year in terms of keeping you dry during your round even in the hottest days of the FL sun where testing was done. The cut and fit of the Hollas shirt is different from a lot of other brands that we have covered in that it is not too athletic cut and not a standard cut either. I would say in between the two for me personally, with a lean towards the athletic side of things. You wont find any “extra” material around the midsection, but you also will not find sleeves here that are extremely short. An all around excellent fitting shirt that should fit many builds. Price $70

The company sent over a pair of shorts to test out along with the shirt featured above and we have to say after our testing, it is apparent that this company has been working hard to find great materials to make up their gear. The solid tan shorts are made up of 91% nylon and 9% spandex and feature the same XFC technology to allow moisture transmission and diffusion as the shirts do. The spandex material adds a wonderful stretch that is not available in all golf shorts today (but should be a must). The best part of these are the fact that they are not only water resistant, but stain resistant as well and proved that to us as we played on a damp day with no issues. One thing that these shorts have that I think every brand should feature as well as a nice silicone strip on the inside around the waist that holds your shirt in place during your round. Something you do not think much about, but once you have tried it, you want it in every pair you own. Price $70

The 2011 Hollas line continues to impress us with their entire lineup. Bold designs without going over the top and a cut and fit that is as good as any out there. When looking at apparel, much of a review is going to be purely subjective based on the style of the outfit, but looking at the objective side which is quality and durability, and materials used, the Hollas lineup is as good as anything on the market today. You can find the latest Hollas apparel at Fairway Styles, by heading over to their website at www.FairwayStyles.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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