2023 Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf’s e6 has proven to be the company’s most popular golf ball over the 15 years it’s been in their lineup. While it was initially touted as their answer to helping golfers find a straighter ball flight, they have since expanded some of that technology into the e12 line. The 2023 Bridgestone e6 is all about providing exceptional feel for value-minded golfers while not sacrificing distance. 

2023 Bridgestone e6 packaging

The 2023 Bridgestone e6 features a new, large gradational core that they are saying provides an incredibly soft feel and sound at impact. In addition, the ball’s advanced dimple technology should provide some forgiveness on off-center shots. Casing this two-piece ball is Bridgestone’s seamless Surlyn cover, which the company says will, “provide a combination of speed, distance, and exceptional durability.”

2023 bridgestone e6 alignment line

“We’ve had an incredible run with the e6,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf. “It’s the mainstay of the e-Family and Bridgestone’s biggest selling two-piece Surlyn golf ball model to date. The e6 understandably has a lot of fans and the enhanced feel of the new design is sure to please. The added distance and forgiveness on off-center hits are an added bonus.”   


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