2024 Callaway Outerwear Apparel Review

Under Perry Ellis, the Callaway Apparel brand has come a staggeringly long way from its origins. Much of that hinges around the willingness to create unique pieces while keeping things clean.  However, a lot of it comes back to the ever improving consistency in their sizing and fit. The place where that is easiest to witness is in the brands outerwear options, and we were able to get two of their latest pieces from the 2024 Callaway Outerwear apparel in for a closer look. 

2024 Callaway Outerwear Apparel

Callaway Apparel – Men’s Welded Chevron Print Full-Zip Puffer Jackets

It almost feels like once they became a trend again, puffer jackets are trying to take over the world. However, as with anything, some do it well, and others go overboard. Luckily, Callaway Apparel is in the “doing it well” category as far as their new full-zip puffer jackets are concerned. That is because it isn’t overdone, it avoids being too puffy. The 100% nylon construction with crisscross weaving creates the protection needed while not sacrificing as much movement in the golf swing. 

2024 Callaway Outerwear Apparel Jacket

This is part of Callaway’s “Weather Series” which means there is heavy attention to making it work in the elements by applying things like heavier zippers and a mock collar for high wind protection. The insulation keeps you warm, but without feeling like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The jacket for me was true to size and not oversized as past Callaway pieces have been, and that is a big win for the brand. 

2024 Callaway Outerwear Apparel logo on the sleeve

The jacket is available in Black and Navy and is priced at $165.00.

Callaway Apparel – Eco Textured Hexagon Print Half-Zip Shirt

There may be no apparel piece/type where Callaway’s improved consistency in fit is more apparent than in their various pullovers. The Eco Textured Hexagon Half-Zip fits as true to size as any outerwear piece from them I have had in hand. It is a mid-weight shirt which uses 70% new polyester to 30% recycled and is woven into a double knit fabrication to add thickness. 

2024 Callaway Outerwear Apparel 1/4 zip

The pullover is thermal, and did well in the cool Oklahoma winds, but its design also makes it part of the Opti Dri line as it works to move any moisture away from the body to help regulate temperatures. The Sleeve length is good, and the overall cut is very traditional. Visually, the hexagon pattern of the material makes sense for Callaway, and it gives it a nice, but subtle, contrast from a distance. 

Price point for this one is $104.00 and comes in three different color options of Black, Navy, and Medium Grey Heather. 

More information on these pieces as well as everything else the 2024 Callaway Outerwear Apparel has available can be found on their website www.callawayapparel.com

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