KZG H370 Hybrid Review

Hopefully by now the base knowledge of the KZG brand has increased with the recent reviews that THP has done on the Tri Tour irons here and the Super Sole Wedges here. If that wasn’t enough, KZG wanted to show readers that they have a lot more breadth to their offerings than most of us realize.  In for […]Read More

XCaliber Xclusiv Avalon I9 Iron Shaft Review

The Xcaliber shaft company has a vision moving forward, and that centers around expanding their products into a wide range of high-end options that have something for everyone, which they are calling Xclusiv. One of the two major lines under the Xclusiv umbrella for them this year is named Avalon, which according to the tales […]Read More

Tour Edge EXS 220 Driver Review

Tour Edge is not afraid to be different, and the creation of the EXS lineup in 2019 showed that in full force. The decision to provide all the tech of other clubs, but at a lower price was a bold one…and it worked. So, what do you do for a follow up? Well, most companies […]Read More

Xcaliber Xclusiv Mystic Driver Shaft Review

By now, most have at least heard of the Xcaliber brand, the brainchild of Robin Arthur who was responsible for some of the most popular graphite shafts ever put into production. Their mission to this point, despite the sometimes bumpy path taken, has remained simple with an emphasis that golf shafts don’t have to be […]Read More

XCaliber Rapid Taper Iron Shaft Review

If there is one thing that Robin Arthur, founder of Xcaliber Shafts, has never been afraid of, it is being different. In fact, I’m not sure we have seen someone so willing to dare to be different in this segment, but that is just my take. One such example of this willingness is the impending […]Read More

Getting to Know Paderson Kinetixx

Here at THP we are always looking to expand the horizons of not just our readership, but of ourselves as well. In recent times our work with Club Champion lead us to take notice of the presence of a shaft brand that many have likely heard of, but might not truly know all that much […]Read More

Cut Golf: Real Feedback Real Changes

Direct to consumer golf balls have been a wild arena to kick back and watch the past few years. While we still see a few newcomers jumping into the game, there are a handful of brands that have really done their due diligence to dig their feet in and offer the best products they can […]Read More

Indi Golf Putters Review

It takes brass tacks to jump into the putter ring, and Indi Golf clearly already has those as illustrated by the fact that they founded their company around the release of a non-conforming wedge design that drew a lot of reactions across the industry. One thing is certain about Indi, they will never cut corners […]Read More

Two Thumb Putter Grips Review

If you are thinking right now that this is a name you haven’t heard before so it must be a new company, toss that right out the window. While stateside the Two Thumb name isn’t all that recognizable, they’ve been selling their products worldwide for a decade now and been designing their own grips since […]Read More

Odyssey Triple Track Putter Review

When you are on top of the mountain as far as putters are concerned, and make absolutely no mistake that Odyssey is on top, then the demand for newer and better never stops. Sometimes it comes through endless research, development, and Tour testing, however, sometimes it comes via inspiration from another Callaway product, red/blue markers, […]Read More

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