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I can always find my golf bag in a crowd because it’s the one with the colorful headcovers. When I initially took up golf the first thing I bought were those cute protective “booties” for my new clubs. After a week of calling them booties someone finally told me they were called headcovers. I was amazed at how many options were available. There really is a headcover of just about everything and for everyone. One company that has an incredible array of choices is AB Golf Designs.

The very first headcover I purchased was from AB Golf Designs; the “Tiny Cow.” There was just something about the backside of a cow covering my putter that made me laugh and I had to have it. Since then I have graduated to some more “mature” designs, but the cow is still one of my favorites.

AB Golf Designs has been expanding their inventory and included in this expansion are the ‘Bling’ and ‘Throwback’ collections. The Bling collection is just what it sounds like; a headcover with some bling. There are six different options here and my personal favorites are the lady bug and the dragonfly. The headcovers fit snugly over my clubs offering great protection while looking stylish and sophisticated. If you have a lady or junior golfer in your life this would make a great gift. All the headcovers in the Bling collection are $29.95.

Another fun choice from AB Golf Designs is their Novelty collection. THP had the chance to try the hamburger (DJ’s Burger) from this collection and everyone who saw it loved it. Even people passing by at the course stopped to comment on how cute, cool, and clever it was. The only problem I have with this headcover is that every time I look at it I get hungry. We had our reservations as to whether or not this would fit a typical 460cc driver head but to our excitement it does and it looks great! There are nine options in the Novelty collection and they range in price from $18-$25.

The newest addition to AB Golf Designs are their Throwback headcovers. These are the classic sock-like headcover with the pom-pom tops that reminds you of the great golfers of the past. They have a real nostalgic feel to them. These have the presence of history but the technology of the present. For the eco-conscious consumer these throwback headcovers are all eco-friendly. Here is a little more about that from the company:

“They look and feel like wool yet are crafted from polyester fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. This manufacturing process helps diminish dependence on oil and minimize waste, in turn limiting toxic emissions from incinerators and reducing air, water and soil contamination.”

The Throwback collection comes in a variety of sizes and designs ranging in price from $24-$28. They are also offered as three-piece and four-piece sets priced from $75-$90.

If you are in the market for a headcover or just want something fun to add to your golf bag be sure to check out the AB Golf Design website at and see all the different choices they have to offer. From sophisticated to silly they have something for everyone.

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  1. TC says:

    i’m not sure that any of these would be my cup of tea. i much prefer the throwback headcovers to the others though.

  2. Yoccos1981 says:

    I really want throwback covers. I will have to check into these and see if they have some Chicago Bears colors!

    By chance do you how well the throwback covers hold up over time?

  3. hanks says:

    Love the fact that there are different sizing options for these

  4. Andy says:

    YEAH to buy these ouch not smart

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