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At some point in our golfing lives we have either experienced golf simulators or at least wondered about their allure. When the weather turns sour or the cold comes through, it sure is nice to be able to pull out your sticks and play some golf. While many of us have had wonderful experiences with simulators, many have also experienced older systems with slower and less accurate measurement systems. While golf club technology has increased faster and faster so have the systems used in golf simulators that accurately measure realistic playing conditions. THP was fortunate to meet with About Golf at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show and discuss what separates their product from the rest of the pack.

About Golf and the PGA Tour have developed a strong relationship and have introduced consumers to a product with more than 20 years of development, PGA Tour Simulators. PGA TOUR Simulators are the only device that applies a patented proprietary Immersive Play Technology. Immersive Play Technology is a suite of proprietary 3D graphics and physics algorithms designed to fully engage players in their rounds. Simply put, this translates into an experience that is incredibly accurate as courses are fully rendered in 3D models and do not employ any use of photographic mock ups or pre-designated reactions throughout a round.

The accuracy achieved by the PGA TOUR Simulator is a result of the 3Trak measurement system, the first and only reference-quality laboratory- level launch tracking system commercially available. 3Trak provides unyielding dynamic performance and pinpoint accuracy for every element of the golf ball and club at launch. Applying ultra-powerful, proprietary smart cameras and the foremost scientific methodology for advanced three-dimensional high-speed photography in the industry produces highly-evolved proprietary technology creating the most realistic simulator experience on the market.

While THP was impressed with the technical aspects presented during our meeting with About Golf, we were interested in getting our hands dirty and experiencing the simulator first hand. While About Golf offers a wide variety models to fit in virtually any space, THP had the pleasure of working with the PGA TOUR Simsurround model. The Simsurround is a state of the art system using three screens that offer golfers 150 degrees of screen display. While an About Golf simulator impresses the eye, it is their accuracy that has created the entire buzz around their latest models. The opportunity to work with a simulator that is fully 3D rendered with true playing conditions was a treat. To often have we encountered systems that use photo matting as course backgrounds and have pre-planned and designed reactions to shots. The accuracy of the system allows golfers to see a true ball flight and trajectory with true yardage measurements. No longer will you experience a simulator that is telling you your 8 iron is traveling 187 yards.

Andy, our teaching professional at THP, had the opportunity of testing the Simsurround model at the PGA Merchandise show and came away quite impressed. Shot after shot Andy felt that the simulator was showing an accurate trajectory off the tee and from the fairway. As an added treat About Golf wanted to show off the power of their system and showed us the systems ability to play tee to green and then back to the original tee position. The entire course library is fully rendered in a powerful 3d graphic system that allows you to play and experience the entire course. While the system is incredibly accurate Andy and our other testers had some issues with putting in the simulator. Although we struggled with putting, this is surely an issue that takes time to get acclimated to as your eye is registering an object (the screen) four feet from you while your brain is registering a 20 foot putt to the hole. Overall, About Golf simulators are quite impressive and offer one of the best simulator experiences on the market.

Whether you are a small shop owner or someone looking to install a simulator in your home About Golf is a class company who stands behind the integrity of their product. They work with their customer’s one on one to customize the best package to fit your needs and space requirements. While the systems offered are quite impressive they pack a heavy price tag so many golfers may not find a home simulator to be the most practical investment but nonetheless the systems are worth every dime. If you are looking for the most accurate and enjoyable simulator on the market seriously consider About Golf simulators and you will not be disappointed.

There is an abundance of information available at their website. You can read it all at aboutGolf. You will be happy you clicked over.

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