Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball Review

Very rarely at The Hackers Paradise do we get involved with the “buzz” of a product. We review so many items each month that it would be hard to get caught up or excited about any particular golf related item especially a golf ball. But ever since the PGA Merchandise Show this year, we were excited about a golf ball. Srixon has quietly been putting together a very impressive ball lineup and with the launch of the Z-Star and Z-Star X the buzz going around was that they have finally put together a top notch premium ball that can not only contend with but possibly dominate, the premium ball market.

While at the PGA Merchandise Show, we kept hearing about the new Srixon balls from people. But the kicker is we were hearing about it from other companies. More people were talking to us about this golf ball than any other ball we can remember. By the time the show was over we could not wait to get our hands on the “magic ball”. I have to admit it, I was caught up in the buzz and thought for a while that the Srixon Z Star was going to cure every flaw in my game. The day we got back from the show I was sending in my requests. The poor person that we deal with there is one of the nicest people in this business and we did not even give him a chance to get back to his desk before my requests for the golf balls started. Well, he was kind enough to not make us wait too long, as within a few days a dozen of each arrived at our offices to review for our readers.

Z Star Acronym
Tuned to increase distance on the driver while providing unparalleled stopping power on approach shots.

Designed to produce an aggressive ball flight that maximizes distance regardless of weather conditions. High ball speed is maintained for a longer period of time during flight.

Developed to maximize the energy transfer to the ball for more ball speed resulting in greater distance.

Configured to provide great touch and feel greenside. In addition, the ball is responsive on full shots that need to be shaped.

We will cover both golf balls in this review but first I want to go over the differences between the two balls. Both are three piece construction and both have 324 dimples. The Z Star X has a slightly firmer cover and a slightly firmer core that was designed for players that have a swing speed of 105mph and higher. It was made for that player gunning for tour caliber distance without sacrificing the feel and spin.

First up in this profile is the Srixon Z-Star. With both of the new balls this year Srixon has used their softest and thinnest outer layer to date made of urethane. Our first thought would be durability but it turned out that it was a non-issue. (more on that later). We started with 4 of us around the practice green working on chipping, pitching, and putting. All of us had the same thoughts.
1. Great Spin
2. Good alignment arrow
3. Good sound
We never really put much thought into the sound of the golf ball but around the green we have quickly learned to realize that it is one of the most important elements in choosing a ball. Some hear something as “clicky” where as others here something different. None of the four of us had any issue with the sound of this ball when chipping or putting. Next up was playing 18 holes each one of us armed with a Srixon Z-Star sleeve. By the time the round was over all four of us were sold. We had a premium ball that supplied good distance, great feel, good spin, and was durable. So basically everything we have asked for. It is not the longest ball. It is not the “spinniest” ball. But the Z-Star has that “total package” thing that so many balls have been missing. Not one time during the round did any one of the four of us have an issue with a ball not stopping on the greens and none of us had any issues with losing distance either. It provided everything that a premium golf ball should without the shredding that we have come to hate in other balls. The Srixon Z Star performed better than any of us had hoped.

The next day the same four golfers went out did the exact same drill this time with the Srixon Z-Star X. The teaching professional in our group found himself liking the Z-Star X more than the regular one but the rest of us preferred the spin we got from the Z Star. When hitting approach shots the Srixon Z-Star X for me was one hopping then stopping. However with the Z-Star the ball was sucking back each time. Good or bad for my game, I enjoy the back spin. We all thought that this ball felt just a little harder around the greens. None of us had any real complaints about the Z-Star X at all.

I want to talk a little about durability. I have always had an issue with finding a premium golf ball that would not get shredded with in a couple of holes from the grooves on today’s wedges. (Or maybe it was the tree and cart path I hit.) For the last year we here at THP have been asking to find out if there is a way to get the tour caliber golf balls to be a little more durable without sacrificing feel and spin. We found out today that apparently there is. Now sure, these will not be as durable as a “rock flight” that you find on the course, but I played 9 holes with the same ball and it looked to be in great shape. If the durability holds up over time, that is a bonus that we never expected.

Overall the Srixon Z-Star is not a magic ball. But that is not a knock on this at all. All of the people that reviewed this line felt as though it was as good or better than anything that we have tried on the market today. Srixon’s marketing says “We switched from the #1 ball to play a better ball”. The golfers that tested these out over the last couple of weeks are singing the same tune. If you currently play a premium ball, you owe it to yourself to try the new Z-Star golf ball line out. Srixon is even offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. For more information on the entire Srixon golf ball lineup, head on over to Srixon Balls.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Now I have to try these. Thanks HAHA. Good review. Thank you for not getting technical and instead giving us real world use.

  • Great read… now I just have to get out and try these! Looking forward to testing out one or two when I am down in Florida!

  • I have been wondering about these since reading about them on some other sites. thanks for the review. Sounds like they play like Prov1s without the cutting up. Could be my next ball. I have never played Srixons before, will I notice a difference?

  • Bill,
    Some notice differences, some do not. If you are in the market for a premium golf ball, then this should be on your list to try though. There are lots of good ones out there, and these are as good than any we have tried to date.

  • I have been looking forward to these for a while. Picked up some this last week but have not had a chance to hit them yet. Now I am glad I got them.

  • I have been waiting on this one for a while. Thanks for the review.

  • Great write up. I had been searching for on the course reviews of these and finally found them. I might have to changeup from my Bridgestones to try these out.

  • Love the review. I have been looking to switch to a premium ball but was struggling to find one that works. This one could be for me. thanks

  • I used these for about the last week and agree with the reviewer 100%. Top notch ball.

  • Great review JB, can’t wait to try these in Arizona.

  • Ill have to give these a try. Nice write up.

  • Great review JB. I’ll have to try these when they make it on lostgolfballs, hahaha.

  • […] I was more interested in how they would hold up on the course. As we mentioned in our review of the Srixon Z Star Review, we felt a little bad because we did not even give our Cleveland contact a chance to sit down […]

  • I’ve left this comment elsewhere, but durability is a serious question for me now after one 18 hole round. One ball was hit one time with a wedge (3/4 speed at most) and then putted twice…and it has shredding. I used one other ball for the other 17 holes and it got a pretty nice cut from a thin hit with a 3 iron.

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  • I waited to complete my second round so that I could further decide if I liked the total package of the Srixon Z-Star. This is based on personal preference and compared to the Pro V1 that I usually play. While I am not completely in love with this ball I think that many people will be kicking themselves if they do not try it. I find that I hit it higher, farther and with a more penetrating ball flight off the driver than with the Pro V1. Chips check nice and I can draw the ball back but what I am missing with this ball is the ability to attack the flag with mid irons. When hitting with a 3-7 iron I have to make sure to land it 10 feet of so short to play for the bounce. This ball (for me) takes one big hop and stops. I hit a low trajectory shot with all my irons and love the spin of the Pro V1. There is a noticeable difference in durability as well. For me the Srixon will last me longer than a typical Pro V1. The Srixon will last a round (18 holes, as it did this morning) but will come back ugly. I tend to switch out my balls every nine holes or so and give them to my brother, sister, dad, friends when they want to play a premium ball on my dime. For some of the reviewers on this site and others who complain about the durability of the golf ball all I have to say is give me my Balata back any day. I really miss that ball. I never really played the Tour Professional a lot but I would say that this ball is close to it. I pay top dollar for a ball to bite and draw back with all my wedges and I fully expect that ball to come away with some scars for my shot. I think that it is unreasonable to ask for a ball to be soft and spin but don’t have any mark on it when the round is over. They already make balls like that. They feel like rocks, go far, don’t spin and don’t get marked up bad. But why are we talking about this ball now? Because it comes as close to what we ask for in a great price range. For the players that complain about durability please state what ball you currently play so that other people can make a judgment. If Srixon can come up with a ball that feels this good, is this long and spins just a touch more I will be sold! For now I will keep both the Pro V1 and the Srixon Z-Star in my bag. The Srixon will get its play on longer tighter courses with receptive greens and the Pro V1 on anything with firm to hard greens. If you could take the spin from the Pro V1, add some more and the rest from the Srixon I would play nothing but this ball.

  • Thanks for the review! Got these as a thank you gift, and cant wait to hit them tommorow.


  • […] great golf balls this year and the voting was very close in this one. When THP had the pleasure of reviewing these in Feb it was truly a pleasure. Then we even learned that our friend at Srixon got a hole in one […]

  • I am an avid titleist prov1 snob I will admit it , but I had been hearing about these srixons vstars for a while so last week I deciced to buy a sleeve
    And put them in my bag .
    I am a single digit handicapper who hits 300 to 400 balls a day 6 days a week . I will say. That this ball beat the prov1 and is now the ball in my bag
    I found better spin on the short shots equal distance on the driver and much much better durability , the only thing is I thought since its a new ball competing directly with the provees they should be cheaper than the titleist till they get their name out there .

  • For those of you that haven’t played these yet, I have been using them almost since day one. I am a former user of the #1 ball in golf and heard about these.

    First, I tried out the Srixon Soft Feel, just to see if what they claimed was true. They live up to their reputation, and some.

    I was getting good ball flight and soft landings with the SF, but I wasn’t getting spin on the greens most of the time…and I hit the ball high into the greens with a wedge most of the time.

    Anyway, I figured it was time to step up to the Z Star, and man am I glad I did. As claimed, around the greens, putting and driver distance is nothing short of phenominal. This article says these aren’t the best balls, but for the price, I think there are none better.

    If the company ever improves on the ball much, I think the other companies better watch out because this will become the #1 ball in golf.

  • […] year THP got a chance to review the new Srixon Z-Star golf balls and came away extremely impressed. So impressed that the new line from Srixon was nominated for the […]

  • My uncle coaches San Diego States Mens Golf team and sent me two dozen of the z stars(regular). I usually play the titleist pro v1. I tried these new ones he sent and after 4-7 holes I was convinced they suited my game better. I’m not a long bomber so I look for a ball that gives me a bit of distance. This added 8-12 yds easily. I also , before playing the z star, liked the hop and stop capability of the pro v1. After trying the z star I feel I get more of that and feels more controllable when I actually try to “rip” it back with a 9iron or wedge. Overall a great ball, so until they top this one I am enclined to keep playing the z star.

  • I have been playing golf for 55 years. I’m one of the lucky ones that is 70 and can still hit a ball 300 yards and do all of the time. I use the Srixon Distance ball. It the best ball I have ever put my hands on. I don’t know why you don’t tell the golfing world about them.

  • Tried these out the other day. What a great ball. Made me a believer. Longer than a Pro V1 with the same performance. I have switched to the Z star. Bye Pro V1.

  • LOVE your site. I always come here for reviews on anything and I have never commented before. However, I picked up a sleeve of these the other day at my local course. I am a relatively-high handicapper and have never been able to get any kind of real spin and constantly struggled with hitting a good spot on the green and eventually running the ball off the green, but these are amazing. I was sticking greens, I was stopping, I was sucking it back. Amazing. The Srixons don’t get talked about even close to as much as they should.
    Keep up the good work!

  • I have been less and less satisfied with P V-1 of late and bought the Z star. It has a great feel off the tee but I don’t see any distance per se. It seems to hold the greens better provided you get enough loft. Very satisfying ball just wish the price was a little more competitive.

  • I have been a pro v 1 player for years, but found the back spin too much, this z star is a lot better, but also I must say, good for 9 holes max!Still great ball it is..

  • i liked to play with srizon soft feel and thought they were ok, the for some reason i tried these Z Star balls, and boy what a difference, without changing my swing or anything i could get the ball to finally stop on the green, not only that they’re stopping near the flag too. never going to use anything else.
    these balls are the best, never though pro v1 was that great but these are the best.

  • I, too, have been hitting Srixon balls almost since day 1. I started with the Soft Feels and graduated to the Z-Star almost three years ago. I loved the SFs for Oklahoma play, since we get a lot of wind. I, like many others, was missing the spin with SFs and noticed a big difference in stopping and spin with the Z-Star. I also notice longer distance with the driver. I have tried several different balls, including Bridgestone, ProV1, and others. For the performance and cost for a premium ball, this (to me) is the #1 ball in golf.

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