adidas Golf adiPURE Z Golf Shoe Review

Hang around THP for a very short period of time and you will discover one thing pretty quickly, these people love golf shoes. Our members have tried just about every kind of shoe that hits the market and many times ones that haven’t even hit stores yet. The THP shoe craze definitely started at the top and worked its way into many of those who visit our site daily. People around here love golf shoes for their comfort, their durability and foremost for their style. Golf shoes and style haven’t always gone together in the same sentence, in fact there was a time that style was maybe the last word someone would use to describe a pair of “golf spikes”. That has all changed in recent years and THP has been happy to follow this transformation every step of the way.

Adidas Golf has been a member of the golf shoe market’s “big 3” for quite a number of years, but unless you’ve been living under an old pair of saddle shoes you have realized that the big 3 is slowly becoming the big ONE as in #1. More so than any other golf shoe company the folks at adidas Golf have been working hard to come up with the best possible golf shoe for consumers and PGA professionals alike. One look at the new adiPURE Z and you can see technology and style coming together to build the perfect golf shoe.

From adidas Golf
Created for the competitive purist, this shoe combines premium hand-burnished leather and elite performance-enhancing technologies, advanced THinTech low-profile technology brings you even closer to the ground for unprecedented stability, better balance and improved footwork. Reengineered POWERBAND CHASSIS platform secures the foot to harness more of the swing’s energy and deliver maximum power to the ball at impact.

Stability: Advanced THiNTech
The entire cleat and attachment system has been reengineered to bring the golfers closer to the ground. The result is advanced THiNTech with PINS (Performance INsert System), which is 32% lower than conventional cleat systems.

Power: Reengineered POWERBAND CHASSIS
Tour-proven POWERBAND CHASSIS harnesses the energy of the swing and delivers more of it to the ball at impact. The TPU platform has been reengineered with strategically placed perimeter support and POWERBAND geometry to promote more stability and better weight transfer through impact.

Grip: THiNTech Cleat
Advanced cleat system combines a low-profile, anti-clogging cleat design and thinner receptacle to bring golfers closer to the ground for better power transfer, balance, footwork and more consistent ball-striking

A high-traction outsole featuring secondary lugs that are strategically shaped and placed to provide maximum grip and prevent slippage in all types of ground surfaces while remaining green-friendly.

FitFOAM molds to the exact contours of each athlete’s foot. Located in the footbed, this visco-elastic foam is engineered to evenly distribute weight and pressure for a personalized fit.

Premium hand-finished full-grain leather provides superior durability as well as rich look and feel.

ClimaProof combines technologies to deliver 100% waterproof protection. The first layer wicks inside moisture to the shoe’s surface, while the second layer surrounds the foot with a waterproof membrane.

How do they feel?
By far the most technologically advanced shoe I’ve ever worn, the adiPURE Z also offered a nice element of comfort. Upon first holding the shoe in my hand I was a bit worried that I’d have to “break them in” before they would really start to feel comfortable. Boy was I wrong. The FitFOAM mentioned above makes the adiPURE Z feel almost like you’re wearing a slipper. Initially I could not get over this as I wore them around the house constantly after they first arrived for my review. Still in the back of my mind I thought that I’d find something that didn’t feel quite right but to my surprise that never happened. The longer I had them on the better they felt.

After a lot of laps around the house and up and down the stairs at home I was happy to put them in play for some real life action to see just how well all that technology worked together. The adiPURE Z are the first pair of golf shoes I’ve worn with the THiNTech Cleat that adidas Golf is now incorporating in other lines as well, what a difference! I really liked the feeling of being lower to the ground and I could definitely feel the difference in balance. I’m not sure if the THinTech helped me hit the ball further or not, but the jury is still out on that one.

I specifically commented on the comfort of the adiPURE Z numerous times around the golf course. To have a new out of the box pair of golf shoes feel this good going into the 18th hole after a good hour warm up session prior is simply not something I’m familiar with. They have the looks of the most immaculate shoe money can buy yet you feel like you’re wearing a slipper, I was very impressed!

Speaking of looks, wow! The adiPURE Z is an immediate show stopper with the classic looks and the gorgeous colors. Available in black, white, and redwood the adiPURE Z immediately adds style to your golf shoe collection. Clean, classic and stylish would be what I use to describe this shoe yet with all the technology that we’d expect to see in an athletic looking sneaker style. With the adiPURE Z golfers will no longer have to sacrifice comfort and functionality to achieve the style we all know golfers want.

My very first reaction to unboxing the adiPURE Z was “wow” these are simply gorgeous shoes. I was a bit concerned upon holding the shoe because they have a feel that is more firm than you’d expect from something that is supposed to be so comfortable. Immediately, though, that concern was put to rest as I slipped them on and got my first introduction to FitFOAM. Prior to this review I had never heard of FitFOAM but now I’m definitely a fan. You can literally feel the foam conforming to your foot and that feeling of comfort lasts the entire round and more. Most of the time I’m dying to get my golf shoes off after my round but when wearing the adiPURE Z I was ready to keep wearing them so more people could see just how nice they looked on me. They aren’t overly light as many people have come to expect from adidas Golf’s more athletic offerings, but when you consider that you’re talking about premium hand-burnished leather shoes you cannot expect them to be feather light like some of the materials used in making a different style shoe. The price tag of these shoes might also seem a little on the heavy side, $250 a pair definitely might make some people think twice but I assure you that considering the technology and comfort that are packed into these shoes you couldn’t find anything close for less money. A quick shop around for any premium leather quality shoe such as the adiPURE Z will show that these prices are actually quite in line with the competition. One question to ask yourself is if the quality of the other brands $250 shoe even comes close to matching that of the adiPURE Z, I’d guess the answer is no. You can find the adiPURE Z golf shoes at retailers worldwide including online at

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